"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Blessings

      Happy May Day!

The day started with the song of a Robin outside my bedroom window, doing what Robins do: welcoming the light.  I wandered the cozy and beautiful back yard of my city apartment, admiring the landscaping work of my young landlord.  He is trained in the Law but has set his degree aside and works for a landscaping company, setting plants and protecting them with mulch.  He loves to be out doors and working with the Earth.  I applaud him for following his heart. (I also hope he can somehow manage to pay off those Law School loans before he dies.)
      I got to share some wonderful conversation and a cup of hot tea with my dear, but seldom seen, house mate.  We each use the apartment on different days and nights most of the time but yesterday our paths happened to cross, unexpectedly, a rare treat.
     I had stayed over in the City so I could drive home in the light today instead of in the dark, last night.  I fully intended to do just that.  I'm saying that for the record, here, because it didn't happen and I'm happy it didn't.  I stopped by the shop to say hi to Able before I left, pick up a few Savory Spice items. From there I waltzed down to the 42nd St. Candy Co. to get some sweets for the Grands, then wandered over to A Date With Iris, a quaint little shop across the street.  I can not really tell you what kind of a shop it is because it is full of eclectic items including, but not limited to, flowers, pottery, wooden clothes pins, vases and cards.  The women in there were making a large May Pole out of bright ribbons. They were going to set it up outside the shop later in the day and let whomever walked past wind it round together. What a great idea! I purchased some paper cones filled with flowers.
       Then I headed for Whole Foods for breakfast/lunch and a flower or two for the May Baskets I was creating in my mind. I remembered that my Abbey's beautiful big Rosemary plant had frozen during our ridiculously cold winter, so I got her a new one. It called out to me and I couldn't resist. Then it was off to the bookstore for my book club books, neither of which could be located for some reason, so I guess it's back to Amazon.com.   I drove up May and stopped at the Yellow Tent flower place (?) for a couple more surprises; went back to Able and Kari's, drove up to Audie and Zach's, slipped over to Abbey's and waited in the car until I saw her leave to pick up her kiddos from school and then snuck over to deliver the last of the May baskets to her door.  What fun!
      I drove back to the spice shop and relieved Able for the last two hours of the day while he and Kari went to the Western On The Lawn event on the grassy patch behind Whole Foods.  Katherine, a high school girl who has befriended us at Savory, came in dressed in a flowered full length dress and with a flowered garland in her hair. She was absolutely gorgeous and happy as a clam. Ah, youth and all its beauty. Love it. She was the picture of a May morning as it should be portrayed. I wish I had taken a picture.
      We sold some spice, visited with some very nice folks, made a few gift sets and then I headed north for a quick supper with the Korenaks and to deliver their mail and play with the boys for a quick minute before driving home to the farm.  Zane and Ro both gave me lots of hugs (I am so, so glad they have moved back to Oklahoma. Have I said that lately?) and Z showed me his new Superman underwear. Awesome sauce. What a nice family I have.  I love them all dearly and think we make a good group, lots of different talents, personalities and skill sets but we get along very well. Hooray!
     The drive home was uneventful except for the  astonishing sunset which painted the entire western sky orange and gold for half of the trip. No wonder Albert Bierstadt used such enormous canvases when painting scenes from the western wilderness; it could not possibly have been captured on anything less magnificent. He would have loved the colors in the sky tonight.
     My cat was waiting in the driveway when I arrived at the farm.
     I hope your day was as blessed with gladness as mine was, and may tomorrow be equally as lovely. Amen. Good night.

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