"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, May 5, 2014

Poem: Pioneer Mother

     Since I find myself in OKC several days a week lately, 
I have many opportunities to observe my daughters with
 their children.  I never tire of watching them scoop up a
 tired boy (or girl…except that we only have the one little
 girl and she is, by her own admission, NEVER TIRED) 
and cuddle him to sleep. Sometimes it isn't to sleep;
 sometimes it is to comfort after a fall, kiss a skinned knee,
 listen to a wild tale of adventure.  
    Since this is Mother's Day week I decided to go back
 and publish a poem about a mother, and all mothers,
 for you. I wrote it a couple of years ago but didn't include
 it on the blog. It speaks to how deeply the hearts of 
motherand their children are bound together with the 
cords of love.  It's a God Thing, as we say. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pioneer Mother

Something in the unusual silence alerts her,
causes her eyes to quickly circle the room,
counting heads and coming up short.

She flies out the door, skirts flapping,
arms pumping, raising dust with every booted step,
her head on a swivel, eyes fierce and afraid,
searching and calling for the
little one lost, her only boy.

Charlie? Charlie?
Charles Mason!
Charlie stop! Come to mama!

All the others are forgotten,
still and watching as she hurries
past without a word,
scanning every bush and shadow,
her ears straining for a sob, a whimper,
a rustle,
hoping for laughter,
hoping for any sound of him
this boy who owns her heart.

Battling the fear which pounds in her chest,
choking back sobs,
she finally stops and raises her eyes,
looking for the birds,
dreading their slow, high circle in
the too bright sunshine.

She stands still in the searing heat
turns in a slow circle,
scanning the sky.

There! ( No!)
She runs, her every breath a prayer,
'Please God, let him be alive.'

Flying up and over the hilltop
she finds him, lying curled upon the ground,
foot caught between stones,
his fair hair dark with sweat,
his lips whispering her name,

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