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Monday, May 26, 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain (At Last)

 After two days in The City, many, many hugs from my kids and grandkids, and lots of work finished up in the spice shop, I headed back toward the farm this evening, taking it easy, breathing in the sweet smell of rain.
     It has rained off and on here for the past three days and is raining lightly at this very moment. The plant kingdom is celebratory in the extreme and everything in the garden seems to have grown six inches since yesterday morning. What a relief!
     It took me awhile to get home because Nature was really putting on a show on all sides of me. I had to pull off the road north of Crescent and stand out in the rain so I was able to see the entire width of the huge double rainbow in the east, arcing above a nearly ripened field of wheat, the grain brilliant in the golden glow of the setting sun.
        Then, five or so miles down the road, This cloud and light extravaganza shaped up in the west so I pulled off again. This picture doesn't do it justice, of course, because the light shower below the cloud was more golden than this and the entire upper rim was shining to beat the band. A silver lining if I ever saw one.
Okay, just prior to this explosion of natural beauty I might have been slipping into a semi-dark place, wondering what lay ahead in my new life instead of living fully in the moment. But I tell you what, after all that beauty, I shook off the shadows and went whistling on home, counting my many blessings.
    Here are a couple of pics of my garden for you, because I think it is lovely and green now and may never be again.

     Those red and yellow Galardias seed themselves back each year and I'm never sure where they will decide to appear. I would take an entire bed of them any day so they can pop up wherever they please. They are our state wildflower (not these big ones but a smaller, wild flower that looks just like these) called the Indian Blanket.
    And last but not least, here is a picture yours truly sitting on the porch swing.  See all that curly hair? That is what happens whenever it decides to rain. I love it! Yes, it looks a little bit (?) crazy and wild but I like it and wish it would do this all the time.
   Hope your Memorial Day was full of family and friends, that you traveled safely to and from, and that you remembered fondly those who lost their lives defending our country and the freedoms of all people.

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Brenda Cohorn said...

LOVE your hair!!! Beautiful curls. Many of my gray hair are straight... Which is beginning to look rather silly with the curls. Love the green. Have greatly enjoyed the rain this past week. More tomorrow I believe. So glad the dark didn't pull you in. Love you.