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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea for Three

Tea at the Myriad Gardens

I didn't really know what to expect.  It was billed as a "Mother/Daughter Tea" to be held at the Myriad Gardens on a Saturday in the merry month of May.  I expected tea, of course, but what else I didn't know.  Abbey, Maggie and I donned our pearls (as you must, for tea) and headed in the general direction of the outdoor tea room.  We wandered past waterfalls cascading down terraced stairways, lyrical rivulets meandering alongside shaded pathways, and lovely lush plantings of Spring flowers and grasses. We signed in, found our table and met our tea-time friends, Molly, Zella, Oliver and their mothers and grandmothers.

      We were served several kinds of fancy little sandwiches, fresh fruit with an emphasis on strawberries, an assortment of different types of deviled eggs, jelly-filled cookies and meringues, red velvet cupcakes and hot tea. The day was perfect for an outdoors fancy picnic and everyone had a 'loverly' time.

  After tea we wandered over to the Secret Garden exhibit which was in the Children's play park/garden. There were scenes and quotes from the book here and there, a scavenger hunt for keys and birds, secret hideouts, a larger than life pretend caterpillar that was really a tunnel for real live kids. We followed the maze into a teepee that had bells on the floor that you played by dancing on them. What could be better?
      After wandering the gardens for awhile we sat in the silk-curtained outdoor reading room and read two or three books together.  Thank goodness TBW was behaving itself that particular afternoon.  We checked out all the vegetable gardens and dangled our feet in the tadpole pond. Maggie climbed to the top of the gigantic Robin's nest all by herself and peeked down at us. Some golden slippers were lost and found again and we got several new ideas of things to add to our own secret garden at the farm.  Here are a few examples:

1. More bird feeders
2.  Interesting and easy to build container fountains.
3.  Wooden pallet hideouts and vertical gardens.
4.  Teepees covered in grasses or growing plants.
5.  Old bird houses…with the doors open.
6.  More benches and grasses.

Then it was home again, home again, jiggity-jog to see the boys.  We had seen several groups of people headed for their Quinceanera celebrations and the super fancy dresses made Maggie eager to try on her mother's wedding dress again, so we did. Ta-Da!!

 An entire afternoon of fun! I feel incredibly blessed to have all my kids and grandkids living close enough that I can run down and attend these special events with them now and then or stop by for casual suppers after working at the shop.  I am grateful for all the many good things in my life.


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Brenda Cohorn said...

Gorgeous!! What a fun time. Little girls are so special and I love letting them "play"