"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Lesson

      This afternoon, in that hour and a half of what I call 'the limbo period', between  3:30 and 5:00, I got a little restless, as I often do during that time.  I look around and I wonder…why?  what is the point?  what should I be doing? That kind of thing.
       I stepped out the back door, looked at all that green and growing everywhere, and myself, standing there on the porch…wondering. Then I saw this guy:

He was making his way across the porch above the first stone step that leads to the gardens. His shell was half an inch across so, not a big fella.  He carried all his worldly possessions on his back and he inched forward, as he was created to do.  He was living in the moment, doing what he was doing and that was enough.
     I went inside, found my camera and decided to look more closely at the small, wonderfully important things that were going on all around me. I narrowed my focus. Here is what I saw:

That big beetle in the bottom picture is actually eating another bug who is eating yet another bug who was eating the flower. Talk about the food chain! I expected a bird to fly down and devour them all at any moment.
        With everything in full bloom on all sides, it is far too easy to overlook those in the throes of transition, somewhere in the process, beautiful in their own right and worthy of the spotlight as much as anyone.

Above: Hollyhocks in the bud. Look how well they are defended against any and all that might do them harm. I would love to be able to see through those buds to where the blossom is curled within.
      And this guy to the right: that's a Sunflower bud, triple and quadruple armored lest anything happen to the precious, golden  blossom and the not yet striped seeds held within. He isn't foolin' around folks.

    I walked on, looking and listening. Already feeling better and on the mend.

 A pair of tomato babies. Hello sweetie pies. : )

         An elegant Fennel blossom arcing out of it's protective sheath. Doing what was called for in that exact moment. Notice the bit of feathery leaves across the bottom right corner. I love the feathery fronds of fennel. Alliteration! What a kick!

I admired the gorgeous blue and white unbelievable gift of the summer sky and then looked down, towards the earth. Looking at the answering beauty below that endless expanse stretching above me.

 A head of Dill in full bloom. Wow, twelve inches across. This guy is an overachiever to say the least. 

                                                                         A not so common, but interesting, form of Gallardia.
                                                                         This one shouts Mexico to me for some reason.

                               This elegant but tiny wild clover with its exquisitely folded heart shaped leaves . How can this be considered a weed, I'd like to know? But it is. Out there getting in the way of plain old green grass.  How can grass compare to this loveliness?
      These always bring to mind those multi folded and snipped snowflakes or valentines cards we used to cut out in school. "Dear Mom, I love you most of all. Will you be my Valentine?" Yes, I still have some that were given to me by my children when they were small.

                                    The ever-present 'Fungus Amongus' doing nature's work of recycling,
                                         changing death to life…a sacred job if there ever was one.

Sweet yellow peppers, Chamomile and Stella de Oro lilies out on the town together,
reminding me of a group of pretty girls walking down the sidewalk on their way to
the movies. Can't you almost hear the laughter and the click of their heels?

The herbs, wearing their everyday clothes, as always. Being who they are. The plain Janes, as they say.  They breathe their sweet or savory fragrance into the air, saying merely, 'Sage' or 'Tarragon'. The bugs do not care for them, as a general rule, but we certainly do.
      That is one of our many lizard safe-houses nestled there in the middle. I saw one of the Mountain Boomer clan this evening but could not catch him on film. They are a shy lot, lizards. He stopped his jerky skitter across the bricks long enough to turn his head and look at me, standing there looking at him. That makes only five lizards I have seen in my gardens this summer. Not enough. (Darn those cats.)
     The Garden and her many inhabitants spoke peace to me, again, saying: Breathe, grow, react, evolve, do what you can.

Do I need to do more?…right now?….ever?  What matters?

Life matters, life in all it's many forms.
The Earth matters a great deal. Our blue boat home, as it were. Our only boat.
The hearts,  minds and spirits of the people I already know and love matter.
Being open to all that is beyond our knowing matters.
That is more than enough.



Pat at Turtle Rock Farm said...

:) Love your honesty, courage in sharing your wrestlings and your discoveries. Thank you.

Brenda Cohorn said...

Great picture of the snail! - well, all of them are great!
Being outside seems to drive away the melancholy - as long as we look out and not focus inward. Love you.