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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Farm Camp Day 1, part II

In the afternoon of that first day of Farm Camp we did some swimming, to cool off, and created hiding places for our garden lizards. Our cats love to eat lizards so we took pieces of broken flower pots and painted them to make some very artistic lizards safe houses.
   Each of the kids had their own  unique spin on the designs and all of them were beautiful. I'm certain the lizards will be suitably impressed. While our art work dried, we moved to the music room and tuned up our ukuleles for some camp songs.

       Then we moved on to an animal scavenger hunt  in the gardens.  The kids had excellent eyes and spotted insects everywhere, checking them off their cards as we wandered here and there.  

By then it was time to bid the Lams adieu and do some serious group swimming to cool down again.
Then it was on to supper, baths, books and bed.  Unfortunately our littlest camper, Everett, had spiked a fever during the day and was not doing much except riding his favorite horse, Peanut Butter, on the cool porch and snuggling with his mama. The following morning he had to be taken back to OKC to pay a visit to the doctor.

(To be continued)

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