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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Farm Camp Day 2

Saturday morning dawned cool and cloudy which was perfect weather for a tractor ride with Uncle D.. We loaded up and took the long road up the hill to check out the black cows and their new calves in the west pasture.  All the little campers stood  for the ride and seemed to enjoy the alfalfa scented air ruffling their hair.

We made a stop at the big red barn so they could climb around on the square bales of hay and then hoofed it over to the long lines of round bales to practice our jumping the gap skills.  Everyone had a grand time and we even saw Mr. Peter Rabbit while we were there. We took the big pick-up back home, stopping by the see the Longhorns that live up the road a piece.
      After snacks we waved Abbey and little E goodbye and loaded up the Camelbacks for our nature walk in the woods. Here we are checking out the tank batteries on the way. Sadly, no oil in them at this time.
      The woods were lovely, as usual, but after the rains of the night before the air was heavy and hot and these little legs were beginning to tire. Here they are on the bouncy branch seat having a cracker break.

In good news, when we stepped out of the woods onto the road again, there was Uncle Zach, come to help out for the rest of the day! Zane was delighted, to say the least, since he didn't know his dad was on the way.

After naps we traveled to the Hampton farm to see their sheep and play on the hay bales in their barn.  This farm also had chickens, ducks and guineas, a rabbit, lots of hunting dogs and other kids to play with on the big swing set.

Here you can see them getting to pet a guinea pig that lives there too.

Following this outing and some more swimming, Uncle Zach and Zaneyboy headed back to Edmond and home.  Which left Maggie and Brendan and I to finish out the evening with a trip to Meadowlake Park in Enid. As it happened, that night was the grand opening of the newly refurbished Carousel and rides were free so we road it four times in a row.

     We had also made some little origami paper boats earlier in the day and brought them along with us to float in the lake while we fed the ducks. Unfortunately we were on the side of the lake where the water moved toward us instead of away so they didn't move far out into the water but bobbed along close to the shore, traveling westward. Here is B, setting them off on their journey.  After a little playground time we grabbed a small snow cone and headed home.

The plan was to stay up and look at the stars but after stopping alongside a neighbor's wheat field blow some milkweeds into the evening breeze we were ready for books and bed, all of us completely tired out by the excitement of the day.
      As you can see from the picture below, harvest (such as it will be this year) is right around the corner.  Most people baled their wheat this time around because the late freeze destroyed most of the crop, but this field looks like it might 'make something', if not a lot. We'll see if the kiddos want to come back out to ride the combines and play in the wheat trucks during harvest.  The people who had the sheep invited us to come over the join in the fun at their farm.

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