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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just an Update

Good news!
   After a thorough round of steroids, both my arms are feeling better *. I had EMGs done on both of them and hopefully I won't have to have the carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist this summer. I am being optimistic while I wait to hear for sure. Either way is okay with me. 
   *In not so great news: while mowing yesterday the roll bar of the mower snagged a low hanging branch of one of my pine trees, tore it off and it came smashing down, hitting me on the ear and my right shoulder. Yep, that's the same one that has already been hurt twice before. Oh well, I'm getting to be quite the pro at doing everything left handed by now. It's been six months since that first event. I am not in a situation where I can stop using my right arm. 
       I love this quote by Malcolm Bradbury: "Life is a crisis---SO WHAT!"  
Complaining is a tremendous waste of energy and does no good whatsoever.  (Not that I never complain, but I realize it as wasted time and energy.) I continue to work on myself and hope to get a few more things figured out before I eventually kick the bucket. 

   Oh, I did see the scraggly mother cat this morning, which makes me want to think that the kittens are someone around as well. You couldn't prove it by me though…..(hide nor hair). We'll see. You would think I could hear them meowing now and then, but no.  
    We continue to get some generous rains every week or so and the gardens are in a jungle phase right now.  This week is forecast to be hot and windy, which is typical for July.  However, the hot is not supposed to top 100. Here's hoping they're correct.  Rain is such a grand blessing when summer after summer has passed with nary a splash on the ground. I welcome every single drop that falls. 

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