"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Fun


     Whew! Two little boy birthday weeks back to back with a bunch of doctor's appointments and some spice shop stints sandwiched in between has made these past two weeks vaguely 'tornadoish' in my memory.
     The other day when I slipped into the extra room at Audra's and lay down on the bed for a quick rest, Zane came in and said, "It Summer, Grandma! Let's play!" He settled for me telling him a story while he sat beside me for a few blessed minutes.  That's all I needed, a few horizontal minutes, and then we were up and at it again.  Here are Z and Maggie horsing around at the Ninja Turtle birthday party.
     This is little E, just turned two years young, with his big brother, whom he adores. I love watching these two together.

And here is Z with his new bed tent.  Everyone loves a bed tent and this one is of a tree house, which somehow makes it even better. 

     Being the younger brother tends to make you scramble to keep up with the older kids and sixteen month old  Rowan is doing just that.  He feels that he can do, and should be allowed to do, everything his four year old brother does, and he gets very offended when he is not allowed to join in.  Here he is going down the big curvy slide all by himself.  He has gone down it many times with Z but now he can take the curves alone. Victory!

     My garden has been full of surprises lately, due to the abundance of rain.  This lovely Lily decided to bloom, a little out of it's regular cycle, but I'll gladly take it.  

      The Delphiniums, blue, which I doubted would bloom here (when did I become such a doubter?) has been absolutely beautiful beside the Geraniums, red. A.A. Milne was absolutely correct in The Dormouse. 

     I have thus far been able to keep the weeds in the new garden under control thanks to lots of mulch and careful attention.  I already love going out there to sit and let all that beauty soak into my heart.  I am so happy I went ahead with this plan.  The Morning Glories are beginning to climb up their tipis and I think it will be glorious in early Fall when they are at their peak of loveliness.

     This is the greatest surprise of all.  My Wisteria, whose blossoms froze on the vine during our last, late freezing night in April, has decided to put out just a few lovely flower spikes now, in the middle June.  I love this plant! If conditions are not ideal for blooming in April it will simply wait. There have been a few times when it has bloomed in October because of too much heat and too little rain all Spring and Summer.  Now that is the flexibility that is needed in a survivor.  As you can see by all the greenness behind the bloom, it is more than surviving.  Okay, I get the message.


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