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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten On Tuesday: 6/24/14

Hello again! Sorry for the lack of posts of late. I have been in a whirl.

1.  I have been keeping the road to OKC hot because of scheduled things in both places. Seems like I am only anywhere for a couple of days. I don't mind, and I am so glad that I have that little apartment in the City so I don't have to drive at night anymore.
    Someone asked me the other day if it would throw me off to sleep on their couch (they were offering, so I wouldn't have to drive across town.) I said that ever since Danny died I never know where I am, when I wake up.  I have slept in all the different bedrooms here, Abbey's couch, Maggie's little bed, the air-up mattress there, the bed at Able's, the bed at my dad's, beds and couches at friends' houses all across the country, beds in Ireland, beds in St. Louis and Boulder and Tucson, Portland and North Carolina.  Seriously, every single morning I open my eyes and my head does that spin-the-room-around thing to figure out where I am 'this day' (as Zane says).  That is neither good nor bad, it just is.  It does freak me out a little bit now and then though.

2.  The kittens have not shown up again, nor have I seen their mother anymore. Oh well. Let us have a moment of silence, please. ************************ Okay then.

3.  My gardens are so beautiful, especially in the new Peace Garden. I love the plantings there, all so full of color with  gallardias  and geraniums here and there.  The middle stones are not done yet but that's okay, everything else is. We are getting nice rains every week and the plants are fat and feisty. A friend tells me she knows a guy who just did some stone work at her place so I may call him.

4.  Today I had little tomatoes fresh from the vine.  I have also had some yellow beans, green onions, strawberries and sweet yellow peppers. Oh, and Swiss Chard, always.  The okra that Audie and Zane planted it up and growing, as are the yellow squash, which I planted late. Drat.  I can probably dig the potatoes any time I want to but haven't gotten around to that. They're looking a little wilty there beside the beautiful Dill and my small bunch of carrots.  I also have two heirloom tomatoes that are looking fantastic, but no fruit yet.  The tart cherries are done as well, so that's probably it for the fruit, unless an apple or two make it. The peach tree and the apricots froze.

5.  The chickens are mad at me, turning their backs when I come around, being flighty and jumping up against the wire walls of the run.  Really guys?  Ok, I know you don't get to go out and eat bugs and greens every day. Deal with it. You could be dead, you know.  The coyotes are watching and waiting for their opportunity to attack. I'm fairly sure they are training…running the op…so that one day when I forget to shut the door or come home late from town, they can rush in, snatch and go, like clock work. I've seen it happen more than once.

6. Last week I encouraged everyone to go and vote today and then forgot to walk across the road (literally) and vote myself. What is the matter with me? It was the primary and I have been sending out emails to people begging them to take the primary seriously because it is important.  I disappoint myself so often.

7.  Today I cooked all day and then went to a pot luck with my Tuesday Group.  I made Browned Butter and Coconut cookies, deviled eggs, Dill Bread, and egg salad with orange peppers, celery and Cambridgeshire seasoning from Savory Spice Shop. Yummo! I love to cook but don't do it much, for some reason.  This was fun.  The day was pretty but very humid and hot so it was just as well I was inside.
    After we ate (outside in the yard, as usual) we sat on the porch and watched a rain storm come roaring up to us, felt the temps drop and then smelled that sweet fresh-washed scent of cool rain. Perfect.  What a great group of friends these women are.

8.  We must be getting pretty close to Sand Plum time. I have seen lots of them hanging green on the bushes along the roads. Oh boy, oh boy! Jelly making time at Dad's one of these days.

9.  My arm is feeling better now, after my round of steroids. Thanks for remembering.   I can even get some sleep now. What a treat!

10.  This year my renter planted corn in the field beside my house.  That has never happened before.  With all this rain it is taller than I am and beginning to tassel now.  It's fun to see a different crop out there.  I did miss the hushed rustling of the wheat though, at harvest time.  Wheat harvest was not good at all this year.  Too much cold weather too late, too much rain at harvest. You name it. Some years are like that. "Next year will be better."  (If you don't know it, that is the farmers' mantra.) Here is a fun picture from years ago. Recognize these guys? I think it is around 1988 or so.

11. Guess what next week is. That's right. 4th of July! Does this year seem to be spinning fairly rapidly to you? Me too.

P.S.  Almost forgot this one and it's a doozie.
Last night I got home late, in the dark, and as I wandered toward the back steps I stopped to pull a weed or two beside the little sidewalk light.  As I was stooped over there, something moved under my foot and, lo and behind, I had been standing on a big bull snake. He quietly slithered away without a word. SNAKE! Good grief. I don't know which was more surprised by it, the snake or me.

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manda_hladik said...

I love the throwback picture of my sisters with Abbey, Able, and Audra!! There's just something about pictures from harvest time that make me happy! It's good to hear what all you have been up to!