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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten On Tuesday: June 10, 2014

1.  The past three weeks have been heavenly!  We have had nice gentle (most of the time) rains every week and sometimes for several days running. The temps have been in the seventies most of the time.  Who knew real live rain could make such a dramatic difference in a garden??? Everything is green and flourishing. I love it! Here is the latest shot of the Peace Garden; not finished yet but making progress all the time. This picture is of the east side of the berm around our house.  I post it here for the benefit of my darling sister who usually only sees this as a mass of crab grass that needs pulling in the heat of the summer.  Love the Stella de Oro lilies folks, they never give up and bloom all summer long. Just what the doctor ordered.

2.  We had Farm Camp and are thinking about adding Farm Fridays to the events schedules of the grands now and then. It seems to fit into schedules pretty well. We shall see.

3.  I vowed to not let the meadow (euphemism) south of the garage get away from me this summer, but when it rains for a week it is difficult.  I haven't completely lost the war yet but definitely shaping up to be a fairly large mowing battle at this rate.  Maggie's Wood is mowed and sporting lots more wild flowers this year.  (It is in the background of the tipi picture.) The new young saplings we planted are looking fantastic, as you might imagine.

4.  I managed to sustain quite a yank on my right arm while fighting back the five-leafed ivy and that nerve has been quite unhappy for the past couple of weeks. I'm off to the Rx to get something for it this afternoon. Hooray!

5.  The latest addition to the P.G. is this large tipi that will be a trellis for morning glories and a moon and stars watermelon. I think it will be beautiful and a peaceful place for young souls to sit in the quiet, flower filled air.  (I hope they don't get in there and tear it down. )

6.  I have acquired a nest full of kittens who are living in the garage right now. I think their mother has now officially abandoned them. They are cute as a button but really need a mom. I am gone for two or three days at a time now and then and they really aren't ready for that.  They may have to go back where they came from….either in the smaller or larger sense of the phrase. Anyone interested in adopting a darling black and white kitten? Or two or three?
   These two cats are not impressed with the new kittens.  As a matter of fact they are giving me the cold shoulder; sitting with their backs to me most of the time. Who can blame them.

7.  I have gotten to have lots of time with the whole family and we have two June birthdays to celebrate in the next two weeks.  This week E will turn 2 years old and next week Z turns 4.  Let the games begin.

8. There is no 8.

9.  The oil trucks are whizzing up and down the road again, drilling a couple miles to the west of our place.  Rumor has it that there is drilling on our places to the east of here but you couldn't prove it by me, if you catch my drift.

10.   The wheat is ready to be cut but the fields and the grain are far too wet for any combines to go lurching in.  It will keep.  The big harvest crews are getting antsy, twiddling their thumbs.  There is a point at which they pull up stakes and head on north, leaving these farmers to find other means of getting the crop in.  That can be kind of tricky.

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