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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vote June 24th! State Superintendent of Schools Info

      Oklahoma's primary election is June 24th, which is only two weeks away. One of the things on the ballot will be electing a new State Superintendent of Schools. As an educator I believe that our current state superintendent is not pro public schools and has been party to actions that have funneled monies away from the public school budgets.
        It amazes me when I still hear people say, "Throwing money at education won't solve the problems." Throwing money at medical research certainly helps and throwing money at the energy industry and the military seems to help as well, but education funding is cut and cut and cut again.  Mandates are passed but not funded. We have a billion dollars in the Rainy Day Fund at this time and yet state agencies and school systems are in a strangle hold.  It is a rainy day and we need to break out the boats.
      A different State Superintendent of Schools will not solve the entire problem, we all know that. But that person works with the legislature  and should be working in favor of public schools, not against them.  I have included a link, here, where you can see all the candidates and read their stances on the various issues. I strongly encourage you to do some further research of your own so that you can vote wisely on the 24th.

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