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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beating Back the Chaos

What an interesting day…and hotter than blue blazes. Sheesh!
      I was supposed to have an appointment with the surgeon to prepare for my hand surgery, but they called and we had to change to another day due to an emergency. The entire afternoon was mine and it was too hot to garden. The other alternative (well, excluding house cleaning of course) was reading a good book in the cool house, so I took advantage of the opportunity.
     I am reading a book about the life of Dorothea Dix and her championing the cause of humane treatment for those suffering in mental asylums.  Very disturbing to say the least.
    On a 'whim' (or something else?) I called a friend and she came out for a visit. She brought with her good news of great joy, as the Christmas angels said.  We had a great visit that took up most of the afternoon and this evening I stepped out into the dusky twilight to go for a walk in the slightly cooler air.  My goodness! Everything is so lush and green around here this year; quite a change from the past few years which have been lavishly decorated with crunchy, dried grass and grasshopper gnawed gardens. Rain water is miraculous.
     I have hauled up some clear water from my water well in the yard and am taking it in to have it analyzed at the extension office.  I want to get a pump or a windmill set up so I will have access to fresh water from my own land.  We used that well for years and years when the children were growing up, but the water level dropped so much that we had to hook onto the rural water system at some point. I don't intend to use the well for all the water I need but for watering vegetables and such, as they do so much better with untreated water.

    (next morning)
    The voice of a squawking chicken pulled me away from that post last night. False alarm. I think the chickens like to push my buttons now and then.  It is a very real possibility that they were in cahoots with the spider that lives on top of the trellis.  As I went flying down the brick path last night to see what was happening in the henhouse, I forgot to put up the "ward-off-any-nighttime-spider-web-traps" arm and, sure enough, SMACK, right across the face and hair.  This was followed by the immediate wild flailing of arms in an attempt to keep the spider from…ummm...what? sinking his huge fangs into my eye? Well…yes, that's it exactly. Spiders are not my favorite people, as I may have mentioned about a jillion times before.
     This morning I went out to mow the grass, only to discover the yard was dripping with dew. It didn't really matter since the mower wouldn't start anyway. It appears I am going to need someone to jump the battery for me.  So I spend the next hour and half pulling weeds and fighting back the jungle.  The grass can wait. By the time things were beginning to look a little more like someone lived here, I was wringing wet. The humidity seems to be hovering around 90% this morning and there is a glorious haze hanging over the cornfield (that sounds so weird). That's enough. I need a big drink of 'nature's finest'. Hope your day is a dandy!

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