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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recent Events

This afternoon I found my camera hiding under a pile of yet-to-be-folded clothes which were stacked on top of the dryer.  Okay, that explains the 'no photos' aspect of the blog lately. Of course that leads us to the other, most obvious, question: why there have been so few words as well.
    The short answer is: I was in OKC for five days this week and most of the time I don't get internet at my apartment for some reason.  Well,  it could be because we aren't really signed up for service and have to 'borrow' it from someone close at hand.  Apparently that is a problem. Oh well.
    The longer answer is that I have been deep into many books simultaneously and finally pushed through and finished all of them during that time of internet blackout.  I find that when I have four or five books going I am fine while I am reading but when I try to explain one of them to anyone, they sometimes tend to act like see thru overlays and bits of them creep into other stories.  The book about the time traveling doc who finds herself in Revolutionary War times gets mixed up with the vampire and his witchy wife who time hop around between the present time and the fifteen hundreds.  It makes for very strange story lines and a confusion of characters, as well as weird dreams at night.
    I did go to the doctor about my hand surgery and we decided I could wait awhile since it isn't bothering me right now and there are some things looming on the horizon for which it would be SO much better if I hand two good hands. Yea!
    My vegetables garden has been gifting me with fresh okra, tomatoes and yellow squash on a regular basis.  I picked a cucumber yesterday but, by the time I had finished weeding and made it to the kitchen, I had lost it somewhere.  There will be others.  I didn't really remember planting any cucumbers so it was a bonus anyway.
     My beautiful Moon and Stars watermelon and the Morning Glories have completely covered the tipi in the garden now. The watermelon has also branched out and is taking over the ground around the Roses.  It's quite beautiful.
   Oh! Remember that black mother cat who was here with her kittens and then disappeared? I have seen her several times, sneaking out of the garage after helping herself to the cat food. Good, that's why I have left the door open sometimes, so she could find some food.  I still haven't seen or heard anything from the kittens, sadly.  That can't be a good sign.  I now and then catch a whiff of something dead under the bush row that surrounds the yard.  I fear it might be the little ones but don't want to go in and investigate.
     I am typing tonight with a 'fat hand' from the two yellow jacket stings I earned yesterday while pulling weeds.  I keep forgetting Yellow Jackets like building their nests on the ground as well as in bushes or under the awnings of the porch. Ouch.  These stings don't seem to be hurting quite so much as they used to, although my hand looks like it belongs to a marshmallow person.  Very cute stuff.
     Today was cool, rainy and a balm to my soul. I spend some of it on the porch swing, reading a new book and part of it on a trip to Stillwater with a friend.  We had a great time, lots of good visiting, and saw some cute shops there.  I came home with a little bag of a new flavor of tea from Murphy's.  We also took part in a balsamic vinegar tasting during which both of us nearly choked to death.  Wow. That was disturbing.
       There is lots going on in August and I will try to be more diligent about getting some thoughts down on paper.  (Paper?) Well, anyway, writing is a habit and I don't want to lose it.  I can always find the internet at the shop so may need to stop by there before heading home in the evenings I am in the City.  Thanks for stopping by to see what has been happening. All is well here.

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