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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August happenings

It has been a busy week on the farm and beyond. After finishing the fence/garden project I set to work on the house, cleaning, rearranging things, thinking through the logistics for having folks here for the rehearsal dinner in a month.  It will be a happy gathering and I want the place to look spiffy.
     I traveled to OKC on Saturday morning for a wedding shower for Kari, at Abbey's house.  It was beach themed, with lots of delicious goodies and joyous conversation around the coming nuptials.  Here we are, all the Blakley women that there are (in this branch of the family at least).

      After work on Sunday, I joined Audra's crew for a supper of salmon (with Pearl Street) and mashed potatoes and then settled in with Able and Kari to watch the first episode of the new Doctor Who season.  The first show of any new Doctor is disappointing, always is.  We are too invested and emotionally attached to the old doctor to be able to accept a different face and personality.  I'm sure we'll come to like this one too, we'll see.
      My sister flew into town on Monday evening so, after sharing a delicious supper with Abbey and her family, I headed to the airport.  We visited till far into the night and then fell into our beds. Why we do that every time is beyond me.  It isn't as if we only have the one evening to talk, we have many days, but still we chatter away into the early hours of the morning. It's fun though.
     I dropped her off at Dad's house and rolled back down the dirt roads to the farm on Tuesday night.  Good to be home again.  The temps have been over a hundred for the past few days in a row and my gardens are suffering because of it.  I hope they can manage to stay alive until after the wedding. I don't know.  The okra, on the other hand, is loving the heat. I would venture to describe it as jubilant in the sunshine.

       After picking a shirt-tail full of little tomatoes this morning, I decided to can some tomato sauce. I had a few cucumbers, carrots, celery, onions, herbs and garlic and I threw in some extra tomato powder from the spice shop for good measure and bottled it up under pressure.  That will taste scrumptious in the cold evenings this winter.
 Not much else going on in our neck of the woods. The oil trucks continue to roar up and down the roads, spewing dust into the air. There was a rumor of possible rain last night, but nothing came of it.  The locusts continue to rattle in the tree-tops as my two lazy cats sleep through the afternoons, draped over the porch swing.  I am staying out of the heat as much as possible, staying inside and working at beating back the chaos in here.  Back to my book!

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