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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Surprise

After being in the City for several days, working, watching kiddos, visiting with a dear friend (with whom I share an apt. but hardly ever see), I headed up the highway toward the farm.  On the way I stopped by Urgent Care and picked up some much needed antibiotics.  Yes, my old friend the sinus/bronchial infection has been pounding on the door for more than a week and finally just came barreling in without an invitation.  I'm taking it easy for a couple of days and hoping the meds kick in.
       When I drove into the home tunnel, I slipped right up the steps, laid myself down in the chair and turned on a little of Doctor Who.  I was under strict orders from my son to 'take it easy, mom'.  My brother-in-law came banging on the door after a very few minutes and we had a long visit about the possibility of a government payment for the pastures lost to the drought, and various other gossip, and then I sat back down to The Doctor.
       I did finally make my way out the back door and lo and behold, someone had transformed my overgrown patio and paths into a neat and orderly space.  All the ground cover and the five leaf ivy was cut back; I could actually see the back steps again; they even rediscovered the lovely arching brick work nook.  Beautiful.  Apparently Able and Kari had spent all day Sunday beating back the chaos out there. Thank goodness. I really need a yard person but usually try to do it all myself, which is a mistake.

I should have shown you 'before' pictures, but you can see how nice it looks. Love it. Thanks so much guys. That little nook looks kind of random but it sits right where the doorway to the original house was.  I wanted to preserve that space, so we would know where things were.  Probably ridiculous but I like it there.  Now I just have to get a little brick walk laid from that point east to where the raised beds are.  Yeah.  Not this year for sure, and I will hire it done, I hope.
        I wanted to share a couple of pics of the Peace Garden for you, especially the lovely 'watermelon/morning glory tipi'…..Okay, my computer and I are fighting about whether or not we can put this picture up. Maybe later. (You're not the boss of me!….oh, wait, yes you are. )
       Gardens are a ton of work, but worth it for the peace and calm they bring to soul.  Bye now, I'm going out to soak up some of that greenness.

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