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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Back!

                                       My young garden helpers!
Hello! Hello!
      I had a bit of an Internet event here a few days ago and haven't been able to connect since.  I suppose I could have driven to town and sat it out in Starbucks, but hey….I can live without the Internet, I think.  I finally purchased a new router, had to fight it to get it to work (nothing new), and now, voila!, I am here with you once again.
      Last week I got well (the biggest event of the week by far) and then entertained Audra and her boys here at the farm one day
Zane helping me make cookies.

                                                        Rowan, with his white, white hair.

We explored the gardens and checked on the little tomatoes, the chickens and the morning glory tipi.

     Abbey's kids helped me set up the fountain on my new stone patio in the Peace Garden.  Maggie even picked some beautiful pink roses and floated them in the water. The carpentry crew came back on Tuesday morning and worked until noon, building the fence with new boards and old ones from my dad's house. I like the look of the two colors of boards mixed. Ta Da!

       The past week has been what is typical for August weather here.  We have had such a beautifully cool and rainy summer thus far, I guess we were due for some sizzling days here toward the end of the season. I know, I know, we aren't close to Fall yet but we are closer to Autumn than we are to Spring. That's a fact, Harry. This evening TBW kicked up a bit and I got to try out the new fence for real. The whole purpose of it was so that I would have a place to be outside and not get blown away when the wind was roaring.  It is so much better now, sitting in the shade of that tree, out of the wind.

       In other, unrelated new, today I had the DirectTV guy out to move the TV hookup to a different wall. That led to my moving all the furniture and the bookcases around into a new configuration. (My shoulder is still fine, thanks for asking). I really like it because it is very different and I was ready for a big change.  In the process I was able to do some deep cleaning and lots of throwing away of 'stuff'.  I'm in a simplifying mode right now and things are going away, big time.
        In preparation for the start of the new season of Doctor Who, BBCA has been on a Doctor Who marathon all week. I have loved getting to see some of my favorites again. By the way, if you are a Doctor Who fan, you can get 10% off your spice purchases this Saturday if you are wearing a DW t-shirt. Oh yeah! A spice special for our friends, the Whovians!
       Anywhooo….I need to go out and shut up the chickens now, so I'll bid you adieu for now.  It's good to be back in touch with you guys. Stay cool, sleep well, send up some prayers for those in the middle east and elsewhere (Ferguson) whose lives are being ripped apart by violence, and for those who mourn the loss of loved ones.  There, but for a chance of birth, go we.

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