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Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Habits

      A child. A creek.  A hot morning in August.  Add to this mix an adoring grandma who loves adventures and you have a dream come true for both the boy and the grandma.  This is a picture of Zane under the big bridge.  He and I call this place 'Santa's Workshop' because we make all manner of imaginary toys there, and are continuously packing the sleigh so it will be ready to fly on Christmas Eve.  There is a lot to do so we have to pace ourselves, make a detailed schedule and stick to it.
    We field dozens of calls every day from both naughty and nice children, making requests and reporting on behavior (because we keep track).  Everything is computerized, don't worry.  This particular morning we were making Ninja Turtle action figures and Elsa and Anna dolls.  A huge order!
      Since we last were in the workshop, the creek has been high, so things were moved around, less bank and different rocks showing.  We also found a spear someone had made and left there for us.  It was every boy's dream spear, so we had to go down to the water and try our hand at spearing a fish.
     We had seen a big fish splashing around right below the bridge when we were up top, but it seemed to have disappeared once we were on the bank and ready to let fly.

     The climb down to the water was slightly more treacherous this time, again due to the washing away of the bank in the high water a few weeks ago.  There are little trees there to help, so we made it down to the water's edge with only minor scrapes.
     Zane ventured out into the wading pool and I followed, doing the fancy step/slide/stumble dance because all the rocks were new or larger and in different places.  It is always pretty dicey trying to wade in that spot but this day it was nigh onto impossible.  We finally decided to give it up and turned back toward the land. Zane got ahead of old sore-footed grandma and then…as you probably could have foreseen, stepped into a hole or off the edge of a rock and went down into the water.

    He immediately started swimming (hooray for swimming lessons) and as he paddled past me, I reached out with the life guarding hand and snatched him out of the current and back up onto dry rocks.  I've still got it, it seems.  Life guarding is like riding a bicycle and once you have developed the 'eye' you are always watching every kid in the water, no matter where you happen to be or who is actually supposed to be guarding.
     Zane loved it because he got to go swimming in freezing water, IN HIS CLOTHES, and lived to tell about it.  On our way back up the dirt hill to 'the workshop' he remembered to reach out to the trees for help and  I heard him tell the tree thank you as he went past. (oh be still my heart)    
      By the time we made it back to the house he was mud covered and had to be hosed off on the patio before he could step foot in the house.
       Good times! The only thing that might have made it better would have been to have actually speared that big fish. One day.

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