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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday Things…well...

     I know, it's really Wednesday, but who really cares about such trivialities? As one of Audra's little nephews says, "What matters?' My thoughts exactly. When did we get so hung up on this week, day, hour, minute stuff anyway? Back when we lived and moved in harmony with the seasons of the earth, we did what needed doing at the right time. The native people probably had it right.
      Yes, I'm resting at the farm now and thoroughly enjoying these fairly cool mornings. They are perfect for working in the gardens while listening to the locust castanet chorus clattering in the Cottonwoods overhead.  My Mimosa tree has decided to bloom all summer this year, which suits me fine.  I can still see some giddy pink feather-blossoms high up in the top.  What a hoot.  That is the tree everyone told me to cut down because it would hurt the others. It has been here for fifteen years now and is doing fine and so are its neighbors.  Nay-sayers! Something is happening to my big Elm tree however.  I'll have the tree man out to check on it because I certainly don't want to lose that one.

      In the vegetable nooks (I planted some things here and there this year, filling holes and trying to avoid the normal bugs) things are changing.  The okra is producing and, while I was away for a few days, the squash bugs devoured the squash plants so now I have none. I was being so vigilant with
picking bugs and their eggs off!  Someone once told me that chickens were the best thing to keep the squash bugs at bay but I strongly disagree. My chickens turn up their little yellow beaks at squash bugs, preferring almost anything to them. I don't blame them. When I squash the little buggers they stink like crazy. I squash them right there in the plant or on it so that stink might run others off…..doesn't work.  Grrrrrrr….!
      But, in good news, the tomatoes are giving me just enough every day and some days a few more. Delicioso! My second planting of beets are coming along and I am going to plant potatoes for the Fall today, as well as pumpkins. I should have had these in the ground already since there isn't time before Halloween for them to ripen now, but pumpkins are welcome in November too…at least they are for me. Nothing says Fall like an orange pumpkin.  
     These are my yippy-ti-yi-ay red zinnias that my grandkids planted for me early in the summer. They are gigantic and the hot spot of that section.  The seeds were just thrown on the ground and up they came, willing and eager to join in the garden fireworks. Thanks kiddos!

      Here is a picture of a miracle for you. That is my male cat SLEEPING beside me while I type.  Let me clue you in here: this never happens.  This cat insists on being the center of attention at all times and the only place he really likes to be, when I am around, is on my lap or in my face.  I have no idea what has gotten into him today, but I like it.  The vet has named this cat James but he is simply Kitty to me.  Almost all my cats are Kitty now. I did have a Mittens and a Precious once, but they died. There you have it.


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