"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Lucky Draw

     Somedays things happen with seeming randomness and yet…well, let's just say there are lots of "coincidences", if you believe in such things.  The other morning, following a sweet soft rain, the cool temperatures allowed me lots of time in which to pull weeds, trim vines back off the sidewalk, jerk up a bevy of Johnson Grass girls (oh how they do love to gather and gossip among the lilies!).  I am trying to do better about hauling new trimmings away to the compost or the creek instead of leaving them lie, thanks to the influence of my very organized friend, Diane. (I can be taught, but it is against my better nature, honestly.)
     Our friend, the crazy old Sun, finally won the battle for the sky and I headed to the house, lacking the energy to load up and haul away that last pile of trimmings which lay piled on the mulched path of the new garden.  Lazy lout! I promised I would come out in the evening and carry them off. (Why do I make empty promises that I know I will not keep? I can not be trusted.) Sure enough, my wanderings throughout the day did not return me to that particular bend of the path. There will always tomorrow…and tomorrow and tomorrow, as the old song goes.

       That evening I put up some faint little lights on the newly installed archway and then some more on the old Wisteria arch and by that time the light had gone and the moon was yet to rise.  I fed the cats, shut the chickens up inside their coop, marveled at the beauty of the stars above me and then headed toward the house, passing under that same arch I had earlier draped with lights. The lights were not lit, since the solar panel had not had time to charge.
     As I stepped through the arch I walked smack dab into the web of a huge Orb Spider, stretching from one side to the other. Arrgggh!  A scream of horror, some quick back pedaling and the requisite wild flailing at all the web sticking to me and then, all of a sudden, an unexpected turn of an ankle and down I fell, ass over teacup in the darkness. Whump! Oh my aching hip. I thought I was broken, but no, just bruised BECAUSE I had fallen backward onto that pile of trimmings and weeds I had left unhauled earlier in the day. It made a lovely soft cushion and left me unharmed.
     Hmmmm…..a coincidence? I don't really believe in coincidences anymore. I try, now and then, to listen to the flow of life around me, pay heed to murmurings and nudges from the 'unseen that surrounds and indwells' and hope for the best. (Really, what else would one hope for?)
       Sometimes the magic works. Have I mentioned how much I dislike spiders?