"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Beauty is powerful medicine.

       This spinning blue planet is, and always has been, full of violence; was conceived in violence as a matter of fact.  We, as a species, tend toward violence for some reason, wielding it to promote our passions and beliefs, to drive our enemies into defeat and to protect those we love.  We are hard wired, like other species, to defend ourselves in order to survive, it is the strongest of our many instincts. But the appreciation of beauty and art, acts of service and sacrifice stemming from compassion and love are also woven deep within the multihued fabric of our being. We are capable of much more than bloodshed and terror. We make choices as circumstances dictate.
Why Sunflowers?  Why the elegantly decorated green and gold chrysalis of the Monarch?

What do we make of the lighted creatures that swim in the deep chasm at the bottom of the sea, where all is darkness?

Why does my musician's heart beat faster and my eyes fill at the sight of my grandson beginning to discover the joy of making music with his own hands?

In the long and glorious history of the universe,  humans are quite young, having only recently steps upon the stage.  We are still learning how to 'play well with others', as we say in the early grades.
Beauty can help. The absolute trust in the eyes of a child can help.  Choosing to seek the ways of peace can help.  Bring your gifts to the table and share them with the group.

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