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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Savory Spice Shop Pie Contest

Happy Anniversary!
      Tuesday the spice shop will have been open for two years.  Two years, minus a sprinkling of holidays, doesn't sound like much, but it is 720 days of padding around the shop, filling jars, placing orders, mad dashes across Kansas for jars, dealing with plumbing and the internet and helping customers spice up their meals. Plenty of time for ponying up tuition, learning lessons, trying and tossing out ideas, figuring it out. I do not deceive myself into thinking we have it 'figured out' yet, but we're getting there. As Zane is famous for saying, "Not yet, soon."
     On Saturday we held our 2nd Annual Pie Baking Contest at the shop.  We had twice as many people entering this year and twice as many customers joining in the ruckus. Yeehaw! The Great State Fair of Oklahoma was in town, there was an OU home game, temperatures had dropped into the upper sixties and people were in a 'fiesta mood'. (cue the brassy trumpets…gotta love the brassy trumpets)
     We spent the day before in a pie baking frenzy at Casa Richards with the entire family there at one time or another, except Zach who has his nose to the grindstone over in engineering. (This too will pass, Zach, and you will be awesome, as usual.) These were the backup pies, so that every customer who walked in the door on Saturday would have a piece of homemade pie. We made only about 4 too many, as it turned out, but all the employees got to carry home some pieces in aluminum pans that way. Win win.
      Someone should have taken a picture of all the apple and peach peelers at the kitchen table and the grandkids smooshing butter into flour and wielding the rolling pin but, alas, all we got was one of this old dame rolling out the dough.
    These are the folks who baked pies for the contest ( some brought two kinds). Thanks so much  (L to R.) Rick, Sandina, Leonard, Mary, Melissa, and Bob. We loved sharing the morning and all the fun with you and yours. As you can see, the shop was hopping with customers at the same time as the contest was going on. I admit, it was a little bit of a madhouse, but I liked it.

Here are our judges,  Katie from Dishin'and Dishes blog, Darcy from Pie Junkies and Kerry of Urban Agrarian and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, busy at work. I hope I never get offered that job because all the pies were beautiful and delicious. There would be no way I could decide. Next year we need to expand the categories.

And here are the winners:
  In the Savory Pie category, Sandina with her Cajun meet pie and in the Sweet Pie category, Rick with his Grated Apple and Pecan pie, pictured here with Able Blakley, OKC's one and only Spice Guy.
Each of the winners received a Savory Spice Shop apron, a pie server and a $50 gift card.

The good eats continued today, Sunday, as we treated every customer who walked through the door to a piece of peach or apple pie and they all loved it.  All that is left is one little pear pie that is going home with me because I love pear pie.  I was introduced to it by my friend (and Audra's godmother), Jayme Kana of Bosier, Louisiana. Yum!

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Katie @Dishin & Dishes said...

Thank you for inviting me to judge...(is there a better job?). All the pies were incredible! I love your shop and love to visit!