"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Day Before The Day

 Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…..
    With the wedding looming on Saturday and most of the particulars set tentatively in place, I awoke on Thursday to the sound of combines. Combines? I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and wandered out to the field west of my house. Sure enough, combines, corn combines and a grain cart out in the field and two semis standing in line on the oil well road.  It didn't seem possible that those dead, dried out stalks could produce so much golden corn, but they kept filling those trucks and sending them down the road. Very interesting. Now, at last, I can see the horizon to the west again. Those tall corn stalks have kept me in a mild state of claustrophobia for the past couple of months.

       On Friday I was out 'noticing' in the garden and came upon this guy, one of my mom's white iris in full bloom.  It's the end of September and Iris usually bloom (this one did, as I recall) in late April.  I took it as a sign of blessing from my Mom for the wedding couple. Thanks Mom. Trust me, you would love this beautiful, gracious, happy woman whom Able has come to love. We have considered her part of our family for many months now, as is evidenced by one of the little kids saying, when we told them she would soon be Aunt Kari, "She's already Aunt Kari". Exactly, but not we tie the knot and sign some papers.

     The gardens were ready; Audra and her boys had come on Thursday to help with last minute cleaning and cooking, the lanterns were hung from the trees with care. It was go time.        Friday morning we headed out to gather wild flowers, Sunflowers, Broom Weed and native grasses for centerpieces. We have lovely wildflowers, here on the prairie, so why pay someone else good money for theirs?

       There is an old folk song called "The Shuckin' Of The Corn" and we had exactly that out back on the patio on Friday afternoon. All the little ones were called into service, along with some adults as mentors, and the husks flew. Even the littlest boys, Everett and Rowan, helped with pulling off some husks and carry the ears to the table. They had a good time and the work was quickly finished. I can hear my mom's voice clear as a bell, "Many hands make light the work." So true, once again.

      Those of us involved in the ceremony high-tailed it to the church for practice and those left at home pulled everything together for dinner.

We practiced, guests began pulling up at the farm house, food was set on tables, laughter began to drift up into the branches of the Elm tree. More family arrived and were greeted by whomever was standing by the door. It does my heart good when all our family can come together and spend a few days catching up on what's new in our lives. Below, Able and Jason (Go Sooners!), and Audra and Kari working on the brides bouquet for Saturday morning.

        Late in the evening, after many had driven away into the darkness, there came a knock on the door and Zane (that's him in the green shirt, above) opened the door and said in a loud voice to the strangers standing outside (who actually turned out to be Kari's aunt and uncle), "Come on in!"  That's the spirit!


 Those little sidewalk lights that I had placed so precisely, so as to shed the best light on the garden walkways, were unceremoniously jerked up as soon as it was fully dark and used for nighttime dance routines and adventures by the kids.  Perfect. I loved it.

      I find it so odd, and amazing, that this guy's dad, although he loved people, hated to be at parties and in large groups of people, while Able thrives on social gatherings, the more the merrier. He and Danny are so alike and yet so incredibly different in some ways. Interesting.
 One of the things I love most about this space where I live is there are several separate places where people can congregate and visit. In a group this large and gathered from so far away it served its purpose beautifully. There was the front porch group, the patio group, the children charging through the new garden, the 'indoors where it was cooler' group and the back porch bench group. People wandered between all of these, shaking hands with strangers who are now relatives, snacking on the delicious desserts and leftovers.  Things went off without a hitch, people eventually found their way to beds here and there and we fell into the  restless 'night before the event slumber'.

           (To be continued…..as soon as I can wrangle some pictures out of my girls this afternoon)


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