"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Season Turns

Alrighty then. Apparently my last post threw my daughters into some kind of a mild panic (?) so I will make an effort to clarify.
     Nothing bad is happening, that I know of.  Going forward I will try to keep any vague posts to myself so as not to rock the boat. If I knew what was shifting, I would have told you.
I. Don't. Know. Stop fussing.
    The widows group had our monthly get together this evening and bade Carol goodbye (Carol is on the far left). She is moving to Missouri to live near her son, daughter in law and their nine children. Oh my.  She has a new house and is already loving being in the Show Me state and closer to family. I know they will all be happier with her over there. It is a better place for her and, while we are delighted for her, we will miss having her in the group regularly. Here is the group, minus Vicki. (L to R) Carol, Donna, Lyntha, Cathy and yours truly.  This is a wonderful bunch of women and during the past eighteen months we have become fast friends. We are all in a much better place now than when we began meeting together. In this shot we are all grinning at the young girls taking this picture (and another one, taken with a different camera at the same time). The girls were seven and nine years young and were giddy at being allowed to use our phone cameras.


    The weather has definitely thrown the door open for Autumn here with those hundred degree days far behind us. I love it; cool mornings and evenings, but not so cold that all the night singing insects have gone. The birds, however, have already flown the coop, at least most of them have gone and the trees are much quieter.  Well, there are still locusts buzzing up there but not as many.  My swallows are gone, as well as the robins.  We didn't have nearly the numbers of swallows this year because of all the oil well traffic in the area.  Those big trucks roaring back and forth across the big bridge knocked all the nests off the center supports of the bridge. Only the nest on the far outsides were able to hang on. Consequently we had quite a plague of mosquitoes this time around. Drat. 
     I heard a few doves cooing the other day but haven't seen my sweet little Mockingbird or the Red Winged Blackbirds for some time. The hummingbirds are still around, as are the sparrows, Cardinals and the Blue Jay pair that joined us this year.  
      Because I came back to Enid this afternoon, I missed B's baseball game. He is having a ball (ha ha) and doing well.  Last game he got on base but then the game was called because of time.  Tonight, so they tell me, he got on first again, while hitting the runner on third into Home, and then proceeded to steal second. Huzzah! Good times at the ball park. Zane can not wait until he is old enough to play ball too.  I foresee many happy evenings of sitting in the bleachers in my future with all these rowdy little boys in the family. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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