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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Wedding

September 27th, a date that held no special meaning in our family until this particular Saturday in September, 2014. Going forward, this date will be written into family date books, on family tree charts and on the backs of pictures.  This was the wedding day of Kari Koster and Able Blakley. Now we have a whole new set of relatives by marriage and I find that I like them quite a lot.
 Families and friends gathered at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Bison, Oklahoma and found our seats while the bride and groom donned their fancy clothes, appropriate for such an auspicious occasion.
Able's Best Man was his life long friend, Grant Gungoll. I believe it was only a year ago that these two were in reversed rolls at Grant's own wedding to the lovely Jodie.
As they say in The Little Rascals, *"You only make a once in a lifetime friend once in a lifetime." Out of the mouths of babes.
     In that vein, my own once in a lifetime friend, Christal Hamann, who also happens to have been my maid of honor and Able's godmother, flew in from Tucson, AZ for the festivities and was a great help and a steadying presence during all three days of events.  (See * above)
Thanks so much Christal for always being there when I need you.
     Speaking of faithful friends, here are two of the most faithful of Abbey's many friends, Tracie S. and Sarah F..
If you think this line up looks familiar, you're right. These two ladies are always around to help Abbey in any and every way imaginable and have made it into this blog on numerous occasions over the years.

     My sister, Ann, and her eldest daughter, Erica, provided the beautiful piano/violin music for the ceremony, as is the tradition in my family. Let's see, let me think about this…. I sang at my brother Scott's wedding; Ann and I stood on the side of a mountain in the freezing cold and sang for our brother Jim's wedding. Brrrr…We were upstaged by the Beatles at Mark's, but who can compete with those guys.  I sang at the dinner after Ann and Paul's wedding and Ann's husband Paul played the organ at mine.  Ann and I sang at Mark and Janet's daughter Rachel's wedding not too long ago and Ann and Erica played for all three of the weddings of my children. All the granddaughters except maybe one or two, plus Ann and I, sang at Mom's funeral and Ann and I sang at Uncle Worth's funeral as well.  Erica, Jessie and Erica's son, Preston, played at Elizabeth and Scott's wedding as well. That's a lot of family music making.
       What can I say, we love making music together and are always happy to do so, especially for the members of our own families. Actually, now that I think about it, I sang at the funeral of a distant cousin way back in 1976, which led to my getting the teaching job at Pioneer School, which is where I met Danny.  You see how these roads wind around and around, taking us ever deeper into the maze?
I have probably forgotten some, but you get the idea. (I'm not even going to begin listing all the weddings I sang for the people I went to college with…we do not have the time.)
       Here are a few pics for you of the most current wedding.

                                                 The Richards kiddos in their wedding finery.

                                                              Kari and her proud papa.

                                                   My dad and Michelle, after the service.

                                       And…the Bride and Groom! (yes, white tie and a top hat)
                                 I love it that Kari carried yellow roses because both my mother
                                                    and I carried them at our weddings too.

How we did not get a picture of the Korenak boys in their matching seersucker suits, I have no idea. So cute. Surely someone has one.
     We rested/decorated during the afternoon and joined many, many of Able's OKC friends for a reception at the Tap Architecture Building in downtown OKC in the evening. It was quite the bash, complete with good food, lots of music and dancing, and meeting and greeting all around. My favorite part was watching all the cousins out on the dance floor having a great time with each other. Mom would have loved it.
                                                   Nick and Jessie

                                      The new Mr. and Mrs. Blakley with the wedding toast

                                       Maggie with her favorite dance partner, her dad. Tell me
                  you can look at this picture and not zoom ahead twenty years to them
                    dancing together at Maggie's own wedding. I know I can't.

                                               Kira and Brendan, both rocking the wedding topper.
                                       This woman should be a hat model, don't you think. Wow.

                                    People seem to love hats. I don't know why they don't come
                                            back into fashion. Fun, fun, fun! Able is doing his
                                       part to make that happen. Why not?

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