Saturday, October 4, 2014

Colors Of The Season

 Here is a short walking tour of my garden beds for you here at the beginning of my favorite month of the year. OCTOBER!

Today is October 3rd and, because of a few blessed rains during the summer, the grass is still green and the gardens are full of color. Unbelievable that such beauty should still be painting the cool days of early Autumn here in Oklahoma.
     Morning Glories climb up and over every available stick, stem and standpipe, colors mingling amid heart shaped leaves and spilling white light from their slender throats.

When we think of Fall colors, yellow, orange and red jump into our minds but the Fall garden boasts every color in the rainbow, different types of flowers than Springtime, but the same colors.  Pinks and Purples abound and my hardy little Blue Eye ground cover still looks amazing. Blue-eye is one of the few honestly blue plants I have found and I love it.

    Those red Zinnias have been blooming for most of the summer, thanks to my sister telling me about what a showplace her own little dime packet of Zinnia seeds grew into.  Maggie and Zane tossed the seeds for these brilliant blossoms in the general direction of this spot sometime in June and they fairly jumped from the earth and shot up to over three feet tall. They have been blooming ever since. Wow.

    Now that the weather has cooled, I decided to tuck a couple of these luscious purple kale in amongst the mums to add a rich purple tone to the pathways.  These relatives of the cabbage will stay bright all through the cool weather, until we get one of those killing freezes, down in the low twenties.  I realize that kale is one of nature's powerhouses for vitamins and minerals, and I have tried to like it, but thus far I have failed.  It's a texture thing…yeah, I'm one of those people who have texture issues. Might as well munch on some cardboard as far as I'm concerned, or grasshopper legs. Gag.
    Here is my 25th anniversary rose,  and peeking out from behind it are some of my hundreds of delicate blossoms of 4 o'clocks, well, only the pink ones have managed to seed themselves back for some reason. They started out with white, orange, yellow, red and pink but now they are all pink/purple. If you haven't planted these you might give them a try. They are extremely hardy in our hot summers and require little to no attention (my favorite kind of plant!).

Last, but not least, is this elegant feathered creation that lives in the new peace garden.  It doesn't seem to have any critters that like to chew on it and those fluffy plumes have been out for weeks now, gently moving in the breezes that make their way through the pathways.  I also have some grasses in purple and smaller green ones but these are my favorites by a long shot. That big green bush to the right is Pineapple Sage and is just now beginning to bloom its tiny red blossoms which will stand until the first frost kills. It is one of the few annuals in the gardens but I love it for being on of the last plants to bloom in the Fall.

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