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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Farm Camp Day 1

     During the years Danny and I were teaching school, the Fall Carnival always fell on the week of my Birthday, smack dab in the middle of October.  My birthday cake was one some one of us had won in the infamous cake-walk and I loved it. Always a surprise, almost always homemade, and I didn't have to bake it myself.  
        Nowadays Fall Break means Abbey is on the Big Bird headed for D. C. and, if I'm very lucky, her kids gets to come spend a couple days with Grandma at the farm, a reprise of Summer Farm Camp, if you will.  I like this one even better than actual F.C. because the weather is cooler and we can make it to the creek or up and down the hay bales without dying of a heat stroke (always a plus…surviving).
      The first day we hit the pumpkin patch in Hennessey, sponsored by the public library (Yea!) and loaded up on pumpkins for everyone, even the littlest boys. They got to choose the ones they liked the best and, last night at the All-October-Birthdays party we set to and carved most of them, so we're ready for Halloween. It's good to plan ahead. That's Miss MJ in the cutout to the left (a commissioned photo especially for her mama who was away. :)

        After a brief stopover for donuts and juice, we headed to the farm. There were a few jobs waiting, as there always are on a farm, that needed our attention. Brendan helped me fix the pump and filter on the big pond and Maggie donned her 'working hat' and did some rake work on the edges of the patio, which she noticed were becoming very 'leafy'.

 The mini pumpkins set off such a racket in the trunk of the car that we were obliged to break out the paints and get creative.

 Little E was forced to abandon his artistic endeavors however, after the cat, who is well aware of how much E dislikes him, jumped up on the bench and sat himself down, actually touching the poor little guy. Enough! E moved on to observation of the gold fish and this lily pad. Do you see it, the one covered in too much fish food? That's the one. E sat here and gently pushed that lily pad down under water, with the flat of his hand, over and over again, watching as it popped back up to the surface each time.

      We moved on to the hay bale event, always a crowd favorite. This year the bales are stacked closer to the old chicken house and sit much tighter together so there are rows and rows of them without any of those scary gaps in-between.  B and M both raced around up and down the rows, across the valleys every which way. Even Everett agreed to try his hand up top, but only after B assured him it was okay and showed him how to walk.  The cat followed us there as well, wouldn't you know it. 
     After the earlier encounter with the cat I had armed E with a small wooden sword and a whistle prior to 'hay-baling' and told him to use them both on the cat if he felt threatened. He did, with great success.  Face your fears and all that. 

       After lunch, naps, a movie with pop-corn and more playing around the garden with their jeweler's loops, looking at things, feeding the chickens,  finally it was time for the much anticipated campfire.    Since it had rained, not too long before, I felt good about burning some stuff. 
      We had hot dogs, B and I doing the cooking honors, and then everybody's favorite, S'mores and roasted marshmallows.  Yep, just as messy as always.  
         Since it gets dark so much earlier now, we were even able to see the stars before time to go inside for baths, books and bedtime, a great first day at the farm. We went to sleep looking forward to the arrival of Uncle Able and the Korenak boys the next morning.



Abbey said...

Love it! Great pictures and post. Thank you!

Kathryn said...

Wow, the kids look like they've grown a foot since I saw them in July!