Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Busy, Busy Week

                                             The Savory Spice man and Mom

      The holiday season is upon us at the spice shop.  All our products are packaged by hand in the shop and that means lots and lots of time jarring and labeling spices for the shelves and for the hundreds of gift sets of spices which will be bought as Christmas gifts soon.  I like the business of working in the shop during this season but the hours are very long.  I do get in lots of walking though…a  good thing…and I also get to visit with all sorts of interesting people every time I work. Each one has a unique story to tell and their own twist on how to mix these spices together to stir up a delicious meal. I love to listen and learn new ways of cooking up good eats.
       We are through with Tailgating season so the focus has moved from the BBQ section to blends for soups, stews, curries and crockpot cooking, hot savory meals for these cooler evenings. We also sell a lot of whole Chai and Mulling spices, as well as hot chocolate for toasty drinks.

      My cats are quite put out with me because my schedule has become so erratic. They actually have to catch mice to eat now instead of just catching them as play things.  They are not the least bit happy.  When I returned home this time I had to laugh when I found another small headless rat lying in front of the door.  I get it, cats. There is simply nothing to be done about it and you are perfectly able to catch your own supper, so quit complaining and cowboy up!
      We have begun the work of berming up the front of the house in preparation for building the new stairs and front plantings. I have a plan. A friend of Ables, who is a landscape architect from the City, is helping me with design and construction. I am beyond excited for it to come together. (Spoilers: there is going to be a slide for the little ones….yes, from the porch to the ground…so they can slide instead of having to always take the stairs. There may be something even more exciting. Shhh, it's a secret.)
     I was sitting outside the other day, watching the birds and looking at the trees, when it struck me: It is November and all the trees still have 99% of their leaves. The Cottonwoods have only a speckling of yellow leaves like they usually do at the beginning of September. How utterly strange! The thought crossed my mind that I should mow the lawn one more time, but I quickly put the kibosh on that. This is the time for planting bulbs for spring blossoms, not mowing the dying grass.
     The two pair of bluebirds are still hanging around, perching on the electric line or fluttering down to bathe in the green birdbath.  I have moved all my feeders to the south and west so I will be able to better participate in the Backyard Bird Count this year. (I have never been able to actually pull that off, but I keep trying.)  The birds are used to my feeders now and trust me to keep food available in all kinds of weather. Last winter when the Korenaks were living at the farm, Zane and I fed them every few days, even when the temps were hovering around zero degrees.  (We learned to be quick, before our faces froze off.) 
    Ah, I hear TBW gearing up for some shenanigans tonight. I may have to turn on the heater at last.( I already called and had 'Smilin Jimmy' fill the propane tank in readiness for the coming winter weather.) So far I have been content to bundle up in flannel shirts and under quilts while I read or watch TV.  I don't have access to a TV in the City so when I come back home I put my feet up and catch up on Doctor Who and Sherlock and all my NCIS friends.  Funny, the rituals we mold for ourselves.
    Gotta go, friends.  The cats are clawing at the screens again. Where did I leave the spray bottle?




Brenda Cohorn said...

I love NCIS, too. I am so happy you are enjoying your life. Do you still go to book club?

Kathryn said...

The cats leaving prey at your doorstep is actually a gift thing. They're saying they miss you, and thinking that if they feed you, maybe you will stick around more!

One of my cats used to play with a rubber bounce ball in my bathtub. After a few weeks of this I kept finding the ball on the bathroom floor. I thought maybe she had just gotten it going so quickly that it popped out of the tub, but then I found the ball in my bed on a few occasions! She was not only able to pick it up in her mouth and move it, she was gifting me with it because she enjoyed it so much and wanted to share.