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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Catching Up

       Hello again, I hope you hadn't completely given up on my blog. Able and I own a small business that lives or dies in the fourth quarter. Add that fact to a couple of other things, 1) a freak ice/snow storm  2) flu season making the rounds, and you get an idea of why I seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole for the past week.  During this time I have made some observations:
    $: People think about money in a completely different light during holiday shopping. (I like it).
   %: To quote the old children's song, "The more we get together, together, together, the more
        we get together the happier we'll be". Tis true. It happened that I was iced in with the Richards family in OKC and so enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with everyone.  Everett is warming up to me again and I am loving getting some extra time with Miss Maggie on her off days.  We are becoming so fond.  She is lovely. B even played Kirby (one of the few video games I enjoy) with Mags and I. It was hysterical and I loved it. Abbey eventually had to throw all three of us off the electronics. Hee Heee.  On Sundays, when Audra is working at the horse pistol, all the Korenak boys come by the shop to say hi to grandma and hang out for a little bit.  They do the usual: rearrange all the extract bottles, move taster bottles to blends they don't  match, hide tasters in the back stock boxes underneath the cabinet, hide in the wooden storage crates and play hide and seek behind the salt and pepper shelves.  You know, usual spice shop stuff.  Making memories indeed.
     &: Even though Able and Kari have been together for months, they seem different now that they are married.  I love watching them taking care of each other, being sensitive to moods and helping out here and there, anticipating where they are needed.  They are all safe now…I know, that sounds ridiculous because I obviously wasn't taking care of Able at all, but he was alone and now he is not.
     *: Jarring spices (twisting lids and scooping spice) is so repetitious that is it an irritant to my already broken shoulder. I've made myself become left handed. I feel so, so sorry for people who work in factories and do millions of repetitions of the same movements, however small or large. It tears your body up. I have a choice and can stop if I need to but lots of people do not have that luxury.
     #: I am loving the Feeder Watch. I have up lots of bird feeders and lots of different species of birds have arrived (yes, the goldfinches are in in great numbers) and my darling little Chickadees are here this year. For some reason they have not been around for a couple of years. Hmmm….The oddest sighting so far is the Loggerhead Shrike. He was probably here before but I didn't take the time to identify him before yesterday. I haven't yet seen the Cedar Waxwings but they are here most winters. (The L. Shrike also wears a big black mask like these guys). I haven't seen the bluebird couples since the ice storm; guess they headed a little farther south. Drat.
       :(  Went to the creek for a wander this morning. The beavers are hard at it again and have actually had the audacity to begin nibbling on the great grandfather cottonwoods. Overachievers! This calls for another trek to the creek armed with chicken wire and wire cutters.  I did the entirety of Maggie's Wood earlier in the Fall. There are plenty of smaller trees down by the water but they seem to have set their eyes on the big dogs. No way, Jose. That gauntlet will be met with stronger defenses and perhaps a call to the game wardens.
       %: I thought I had completely won the war on the mice until last night.  I was watching the tube  and saw one little guy stick his neat grey head out and trippity trot his dainty feet around the corner into the laundry room. WHAT? Is there no winning against these fellas? Is there not a mercy rule or something in place? I'm pulling out the big guns tonight so stay tuned for the results.
     What, you may be asking, is with the symbols this evening? I get tired of numbering things or A,B, Cing things.
      &: As a final note, I did a little simple origami with B and M at Abbey's the other day. They seemed to like it, so I brushed up on a few more easy folds and am looking forward to passing on that particular skill to the Grands.  I love doing origami. It focuses the mind and sharpens attention.  I used to use it in the music classroom when I thought the students were getting mushy brains. It always works.
     Hope all is well with you and yours. Onward and upward!

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Oh, yes, Mice... It 'tis the season!