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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving is Here

Thanksgiving week is upon us, let the good times roll!
    The spice shop is under full steam now and doing very well. Love the 4th quarter (thank God). The newlyweds are pulling in double harness beautifully and Kari is in the shop, working, any time she has a day off from her own job. Oh to have the energy of youth again.  I am in there some of the time but can't do the all day, day after day thing. Something happens to my energy plug. It's okay.
    We all went to the Thanksgiving Feast as St. John's the other day, guests of the five year young class.  Able wore his top hat and a no collar white shirt, buttoned up to the top, and was the perfect pilgrim. (Why had I never connected pilgrims and top hats before?)
     Made pies with the Korenak boys on Saturday. It was the first time they helped in the squishing the butter in the flour part and it was hysterical. Ro wore the Gingerbread Man apron and routinely patted himself all over with flour and then rubbed some into his hair.  All of that done with an extremely serious face. So glad Audra is free spirited enough to let him experiment and enjoy the moment, even it was more than a little messy.

    Yesterday my sis was staying the night with me, a guest from Pennsylvania. She helped me clean my entire house, both of us working like we were killing snakes (her usual speed, my 'kicked into high' speed).  I managed to "simplify" quite a bit more. Now everything looks nice for Thanksgiving. We had lunch with Dad at Hennessey at the  Eat It Up, along with fifty of our closest oil field friends. Yeehaw! Man, was that little cafe jumping, and the food was great. Mine was, at least.
      That night I hosted the 'end of the book' pot luck dinner with my Tuesday Night Book study. There were five of us here and a great time was had by all. We had winter squash and carrot soup, Big Sky pumpkin/walnut bread, mini tacos and three desserts, including pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.  Eat your hearts out, Pilgrims and Indians. We followed the meal with a terrific discussion of our book, Seven Thousand Ways To Listen, by Mark Nepo.  Those of us in retail have successfully begged  off for December, since we have zero time to read anything at all this month. My other book club is also taking this month off, so I'm free to work myself to a frazzle at the store and then crash on someone's couch. (I have to find another apartment.)
     The cats are missing me but the birds are here in flocks, so they probably can grab a bite for lunch now and then…literally. They look perfectly healthy. I am hoping my friend Christy P. stops by to give them pats. Hope your holiday plans are filled with loving family and delicious homemade food. Talk to you later. Cheers!

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