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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday 12/2/14

Hello, hello, hello again. A list on a Tuesday…perfect.

1.  Thanksgiving was wonderful. My sister, two of my brothers and I met up in Okeene and had a leisurely afternoon and a meal with Dad.  I was a complete slacker this year and did not cook for this dinner or for the one on Sunday, with my kids.  Ann and I went back to the farm and on Friday morning, planted gobs of tulips in my new gardens. It will be stunning in the Spring. We started for the City but received a call from Jim the Dad was not well, so we turned right at the four-way-stop and returned to our home town.

2.  Dad was in a lot of pain and we stood around all afternoon while they tried to decide what the problem was.  Eventually they took him to OKC in the ambulance for surgery: a hot appendix.
Here they are, loading him up.

3. I will spare you the details of the next few days but suffice it to say he is still in the hospital and getting stronger all the time. The surgery went well. I expect him to up and about in no time. Thanks to all of you have been praying for his speedy recovery and to those whom I forgot to call but who will begin praying now.

4.  Isn't this leaf lovely? Ann and I spied it from the back porch the other morning. Each scallop on the rim of the leaf was lit like a tiny diamond in the morning light. Beauty ringing a leaf that had already taken its final leap from the cottonwood. Love it. Those are sleeping water lilies in the background.

5.  The battle with the mice continues. I keep snapping them and they keep being around. There is obviously an entrance hole I don't know about. sigh.

6.  Christmas happenings are all around us. I was able to be there for the start of the Advent Calendars at the Richards house this morning. Lego themed and a favorite of everyone.  Last night I got to see all the decorations at Zane and Rowans house. Their personal elf, Gary, is back for the season and full of delightful tricks as always. Here he is, sniff  testing their spice collection.

7.  We watched our first Christmas movie of the season this evening as well; Polar Express, with Tom Hanks. Exciting stuff and a happy ending to boot.

8.  The Thanksgiving feast for my kids and theirs was on Sunday evening. Everyone contributed something….except yours truly.  I came empty handed but spent a long stretch of time playing with all or most of the grandchildren in the kids room.  We did some Panda research, I received medical attention for a broken knee, I had a baby (a Christmas miracle), had much needed brain surgery and had my heart fixed by magic wand. What a fantastic room, where anything you wish can be imagined and brought to life.

The requisite turkey and Pilgrim.

9. We helped Maggie plant her big bag of daffodils on Sunday as well (along with teaching Brendan how to adjust the chain on his bicycle).  He has mastered the bike now and speeds around on it, going all the way round the block alone. See, good things happen all the time, usually simultaneously, oddly enough.  I also have some Tulips for Abbs and Kari but I keep forgetting to put them in the ground and now it is 20 degrees, which is a mite cold for planting anything.

10.  I am back at the farm and caring for the birds and the cats (who like to eat the birds…ah, the genius of the food chain).  I realize the birds can find food for themselves but I like to watch them through the binoculars so I feed them close enough for me to spy on them a bit.  My cats like having them close too. Ha!  Three weeks and a few days until Christmas.  Hmmmm….seems terribly soon to me and I know it will fly by because there is so much going on at the shop and with family.  Hope your pre-Christmas days are full of joy, anticipation and song and that you have friends and family with whom to share the holidays. I should be doing a little holiday decorating…where to start?

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Brenda Cohorn said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad but glad all is on the mend. Love love love spring flowers peeking up in the early spring. Thank you so very very much for the spices!!! You are a doll - and I loved our chat!