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Friday, January 30, 2015

An Adventure Tale, by MJR and DDB

 (A listening tale for a young girl learning french. My apologies for the lack of accents. )


                                                  The Lost pink

        One bright winter’s day a pink puzzle piece, eager to see the whole wide world, went riding in a car with a little starry skirted girl. The girl’s name was Marguerite and she did not know the piece had come along. The puzzle piece had slipped from a table, landing in Marguerite's sparkly blue chaussure earlier that morning. The piece was a lovely shade of rose so we shall call it Pink. Pink traveled with Marguerite to her French lessons at Miss Elka’s house and was discovered as they spoke about who brushed Miss Marguerite’s long blonde cheuveux in the mornings.  A stowaway! After being discovered, Pink lay on la table listening to every word that was said. Pink loved the sound of le francais.
      After her lessons, the girl and her Gran-mere met her Mama, her Tante Audra, and her cousins Zaneyboy and Robaby at the Cafe Bonjour for brunch.  Pink remained in the car during brunch, alas. When they were finished eating, Marguerite and her  Gran-mere took a short side trip to a nearby librairie in search of un livre and a music box. 
        When they arrived at  la librairie Marguerite jumped out of the car, accidentally brushing Pink out onto the pavement. No one noticed, then or later. Pink lay on the pavement in the sun, waiting for Marguerite to come out of the store for what seemed like a very long time. Unfortunately Pink had landed on the pavement face down so it was nearly impossible to be seen.
     At long last Marguerite and her Gran-mere did come back, but quickly got back into their car and drove home without noticing Pink was missing. Soon another car pulled into the parking spot. The car door opened and un petite dog named Miss Chein jumped out, sniffed Pink thoroughly, and ran on, chasing a blackbird that hopped out from underneath the car.
      Of course, Miss Chein’s owner quickly clicked her onto a leash and away they went in a terrible hurry. The oiseau returned, picked Pink up in his sharp black bill, and flew up into the blue ciel, up and up, over the tops of le librairie, past St. Elijah’s eglise and back to its nest in a tree with twisted branches which grew behind a house at the very end of Panther Way. The black bird gave Pink to his wife as un cadeau.  The wife, let us call her Bloomflower, tied a bit of string around Pink and wore her as a necklace all that long day.  
       Later, as Bloomflower and her mate were flying above  Angie Debo ecole, a gust of wind suddenly tumbled them over and over and the necklace slipped off  Bloomflower’s  neck.  It floated down, down, down, landing, BANG, on the top of a jaune school bus.  It was bus #50 and Pink hit hard, slid down the roof and in through an open fenetre, landing on the seat beside a tall brown-eyed boy named Brendan.
     Brendan picked up the piece, looked at it, glanced out la fenetre and put Pink into the pocket of his Creeper backpack, along with his Kleenex, Bandaids and Chapstick.  Pink did not feel at all well after the long fall and the hard landing. In fact, it forgot its good manners completely, not even bothering to say bonjour to the bandaids or chapstick. As a matter of fact, it turned its grey back to them both and let a tiny pink tear fall onto the Kleenex.
    What a tristesse little puzzle piece! Pink wished it had never wiggled off la table that morning.  It had wanted adventure but found that it was beginning to miss its pink puzzle amis, as well as les vertesles rouges and even those terribly annoying bleus, un peu.
      The bus ride was long and bumpy. To pass the time, Pink ran through some of the new French words it had learned that morning while hiding in Marguerite’s sparkly chaussure at French lessons: roi, rhinoceros, robot, rat, rose….all words beginning with the letter R.  Finally the bus screeched to a stop.  Brendan hurried down the steps and ran all the way a sa maison. 
     One of the first things he did, after hugging his petit frère, Everett, was to tell his mom the story of the piece de puzzle that had fallen through the bus window. He took it out of his backpack to show her. His little sister Marguerite (yes, the very same Marguerite!) was so hereuse to see Pink that she jumped up and down in her sparkly blue shoes, laughing and clapping for joy. "C'est ici! C'est ici!" she cried.
       Marguerite told Brendan the story of losing Pink and took him over to la table to see the finished puzzle. Sure enough, there was only one empty spot, just the size of the piece he held in his hand.  He quickly slipped Pink into place and it was a perfect fit, bien sur.

       And they lived happily ever after….most of the time.

                                                            The End
  By  Grandma Blakley and Maggie J

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