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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Five Faves

At the suggestion of a friend of mine who also blogs I have decided to do a Five Faves from the previous month. My goal is to actually be in one of them myself…we'll see.  As December was so crazy, I did not take very many photos but these are my favorites, in no particular order.

Rowan patting himself with flour as we were making pie crust. I don't know why he thought that was part of the ritual but he did. So fun!

Maggie Jewel and Jingleboy at the ballet, enjoying each other's company.

My daughters and I with MJ, also at the ballet. I know you have already seen this one and maybe the one of Maggie and JB, but I really like them.

Mom's Ranchero sporting the new spice sign on a snowy day. I like it that she is part of that endeavor. I like the time I get to spend in the spice shop, meeting new people, helping people, smiling into their eyes. I'm still happy we decided to jump into the spice business.

My sweet little tree doing the Christmas honors. Note that the 'smiling rock' picture made it into this one as well. Love that picture. If any needs a larger tree I have one and would gladly send it your way. Simplify, simplify!

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