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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: 1/20/2015

1. Today was Brendan's 8th birthday. As I watched him tearing into presents I replayed in my mind the day he was born.  I flew up to D.C. to be there for Abbey; landed at Dulles and took the rail into the center of town, coming up the tall escalator right at the doors of GW Hospital where absolutely nothing was going on in the labor room.  Jingleboy and I made ourselves comfortable and Abbey began to be more and more uncomfortable. I remember it well and here he is a big eight years later, master of Skylanders and Minecraft, reading on a sixth grade + level, zooming around the neighborhood on his bike, ice skating by himself on the Devon rink, being a wonderful big brother.  A lot has happened in the past eight years. Wow. Good thing we don't have a crystal ball or we would probably go crazy.

2.  I finished my most recent book, All The Light We Can Not See, by Anthony Doerr, an American writer.  I highly recommend it. It is written in a very unusual style: the chapters are extremely short, three pages usually, they are written from the perspective of a young, blind girl in France in the early '40s, a brilliant fifteen year old German boy in Hitlers special school, and, later, an cancer riddled officer in the German army who is searching for a world famous blue diamond with supposed powers to heal. The time in those chapters may be in the past or the present of any of the three main characters.  I loved being able to see the past and the present progressing along side by side. If that kind of thing bothers you you should let this one pass.  The writing is beautiful and full of sensations that would be so important and vibrant if one were blind, like the girl.

3.  I am on snuggle duty with little Rowan today, double ear infections, while mama works.  Zane doesn't feel up to his usual self either so we are all taking it easy and letting the immune systems fight the good fight through sleep. Hot little bodies.

4.  We had a nice birthday party over at Abbey and Brent's for the birthday boy, just family this time.  I like those. Sadly, Grammie was sick and couldn't make it. B chose the menu which was corn-dogs, mac and cheese, veggies and dips and cake and ice cream.  Why not? Before B got home from school
Maggie, Zane, Everett and I had a big lego 'free build' party at the table while Abbey worked on finishing the cake and little Rowan played in the toy kitchen. I like free builds a lot. There are no rules and imaginations run wild.

5.  This week the weather has felt like pre-Spring, upper fifties and sixties.  Such a relief from being huddled against the cold for so long.  The fountains and ponds have thawed for the first time in weeks. When actual Spring comes I will have to get someone to come out and install a couple of new standing faucets since both of mine are leaking now. I have diverted the drips into gardens so the water is not wasted.  I should feed and water my trees in the wood because we have still not received any moisture. It is terribly dry here (this is becoming a mantra) but what can you do.  No rain, snow or sleet, just cold and wind.

6. Spices have been selling well during this month of football bowl games and playoffs. The Superbowl is right around the corner, throwing open the doors to February with Valentines Day up ahead.  The spice business is good so far.  We have gotten in a few new blends, namely the Buffalo Wing Sauce and a Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip blend. Both are delicious and Able says he wants to stockpile the wing sauce for himself just in case they decide to stop making it….ever.  Yummy.

7.  Oil prices remain stalled in the low position. The new congress is in their seats and the state of the union speech happened.  I have fallen off the Feeder Water wagon again due to my erratic schedule and my forgetting to count birds.  I do notice if any new birds are around…they aren't.  The hawks have discovered that there is a lot of easy food to be had when I fill the feeders. I see them swooping through the yard now and then. The birds have an excellent alarm system however and the hawks usually go away empty handed.

8.  I have succeeded in changing up my diet with many more veggies/fruits in the mix and far less bread, junk food and ice cream.  I am making myself take more walks and am loving it. Well, my feet don't love it but the rest of me does.  I have a goal.

9.  The cats are super pissed at me because they don't get enough attention. What's new?
    I don't like to sit outside in fifteen degree weather with a stiff wind out of the north for any reason, least of all to pet a cat or two. The can just cope until it warms up a bit. No, I am not letting them inside. I can hear your thoughts you know.

10.  I journeyed downtown to the Civic Center Music Hall to see the Broadway touring version of the musical Once. I absolutely loved it. It was odd and wonderful in that all the actors also doubled as the orchestra. When they were not onstage, and lots of the time when they were, they were playing one of several different instruments.

Uh oh…was that a tiny boy cough? Gotta go. Much love.


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Thanks so much for cuddling my babies today. I think Ro probably prefers gma cuddles to mine!

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