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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bah! Humbug!

     I realize I haven't put pen to paper lately. (Ha! 'pen to paper'. I like that. ) In the interest of being honest I will tell you that this week has been….oh, let's see…how shall I put it….not the best ever. When I am so blue that I don't really want to go to my beloved book study group because I know they will see right through me, you know I'm not okay.  I'm not completely sure about the why and wherefores but there were some things that added to the mix.  I turned my knee somehow, though I don't remember turning it or hitting it on anything.  That tends to put a crimp in things in general, especially when snow and ice are covering everything and you have to stay tense every second, making sure you don't fall and hurt the knee a second time.  
     That being said, the snow was beautiful as long as you didn't have to try driving in traffic or walking on a sidewalk.  I also got my foot tangled in a blanket and fell A over TC at Able and Kari's house. Happily the fall did not hurt the knee again, just my pride. The knee is fine now, after a couple of days of wrapping and ibuprofen.  All is well.  
       After weeks of procrastination I have taken action and have spoken to two or three people about building a set of steps for my front porch. That will be finished soon.  I also bought a couple more arches for the wild wisteria. It turns out they are too short.  Either the measurements given on the net were incorrect or else I measured incorrectly.  Either way one will go somewhere else in the yard and the other will be returned (anyone in need of a lovely arch for you garden?) and I will try again. I wish I could find one or two just like the one I have in that spot already, but it was from Atwoods and they order different stuff every year. *sigh*  I try to pull things together but don't ever seem to really make it happen.  Oh, I also discovered that my fountain has a large chunk/crack in it, which explains why it wouldn't hold water for long. No, I did not hit it with anything but it will need to be repaired. I'll do that today if all goes well. Entropy is in the lead around here I am afraid. I do have lots of British blood in my lineage so I will keep 'bashing on' with a will toward winning. 
      I am in a funk about something. I probably need sunshine and fresh air or something simple like that. Feeling a little left-footish of late. Ah, self-pity is an ugly thing, like slogging through deep mud. I will try to climb out of it. Thanks for being a listening ear for me, Christal.  Also, I tend to bug my children when I get like this, sadly.  That doesn't help anything either. I believe I would be safe in saying that my Audra would be happy for me to move away and stay there at this point.  Sorry, dear.  Having a rough week is all. Try not to take it personally; it is my problem, not yours.  
      OKAY…enough of that. I am donning coat and hat against the 'brisk north wind' this morning and going for a ramble with the cats in the great outdoors. Who knows what wonders await me there. 
Let me see…searching for something wonderful to report….oh! My yellow crocus are up and blooming here and there. That's a good thing. 
I will look for more. 
I will water the gardens.
I will mulch around the young trees in Maggie's Wood. 
I will look for blossoms on the Quince.
I will.  (wish me luck)

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Abbey said...

I am also in a bit of a funk for no clearly defined reasons (although could be a pile of small ones). That said, I would highly recommend chocolate cake (see smitten kitchen blog today), hot chocolate, warm blankets, a good book and doing nada, possibly followed by a delicious salad and/or pizza depending on how I was feeling after getting all warm. Ideally all these things would mystically appear at hand without having to "make" them. That is exactly what I would do if I had alone time in mind. That said, really a personal preference and a great preference for being much warmer than today's weather allows.