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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Flower Fairies

    Last Wednesday night Maggie and I spent some time looking through the poems from Cicely Mary Barker's Complete Book of Flower Fairies. What fun!
      In her beautifully drawn water-colors and pastels Miss Barker captures the wild beauty of the English garden and wayside flowers brought to life as dainty woodland pixies and fairies.
  Those tiny petal- gowned sprites that peopled our imaginations when we were very young come to life in this gently glowing book for small children.

         Inspired by the art of  C. M. Barker, Maggie and I set about creating our own family of flower fairies and gnomes the following morning. After looking through the craft box to see what we did and did not have, we journeyed to the store for supplies.  There was much from which to choose but we persevered. We disassembled and reassembled; we studded gowns with rubies and pearls, we took great leaps of imagination; we both became so smeared with glue, we had to call Time Out to regroup. (There were feathers involved, if you get my drift.)

 Here is Maggie, concentrating on gluing a tiny hat together. (Hats make the outfits, believe me.)

      This is Party Fairy on the left, and her buddy, Miss flame.
The pictures don't really do them justice. See that lift greenish thing in the back, the one with the yellow knob on top? Yeah, that is a "story lamp", says Maggie, so they can sit around it at night and tell scary stories….but not too scary.  Maggie also created a swimming pool, a sink and a candy machine to go along with the little people.  All of the fairies have wings, naturally, as well as some type of jewelry and a fancy hat. One does.

     Maggie also located a special box in which to house all the finished fairies, so they won't become lost or mixed with Storm Troopers, dinosaurs  and 'Batman guys'. This is a girl who lives with rough-housing brothers and cousins and knows that dainty things need protection and a place to hide.
     Once the gardens begin to wake in the spring we may set our creations out amongst the real blossoms for some photo ops, but for today we and they remained indoors, out of the blustery winter wind. Cold never bothered Maggie anyway but Grandmama had the hacking cough and didn't need to go out in the cold wind.
     Queen Lily is on the left in this shot…the one standing on the #10 with the gigantic jewel on her head. Behind her is Feather Fairy (with the randomly blue wings) and Rosalina in the pearl lined cape.  Mags was also the one who discerned the names of each of our little darlings.
     The boys were away at school today so it was MJ and me, being creative together. Not long after this picture was taken I crashed and burned and we both had to 'go to naps….no crying'.  I know I slept but I'm almost certain she did not. She rarely does.
Yes, she is her mother reborn.
P.S.  I forgot to tell you the biggest news. Keeping in mind the fact that I was "mostly sick" when I got there the night before, I had a nice hot herbal tea before bedtime so I would sleep like a baby and have the energy to face the day of 'child duty'. It was a great plan except that it turns out the tea wasn't herbal….it was a green tea and I was wide awake until 5:00 in the morning. Lying in bed, wide awake.
      I fell asleep about an hour before B came out for his every morning silent video game time. Sigh.  I really, really needed a good night's sleep that night and it didn't happen. It is 8:00 pm now and I'm off to bed, at the farm.…with drugs.  I know, it's probably already too late to beat back the 'dread-mahaukus' as Danny used to call it, but I'm going to give it the old college try.

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