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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Morning Update

      I was finally well enough to head back to The City for work and family play time with the Grands this week-end.  Work was great, especially since Priscilla came to help me on Sunday when I had thought I would be working alone all day. Yipee!  I always enjoy working at the shop. I actually enjoy working. Period. Whatever I'm doing is fine with me and I find most things interesting. I can remember this being very frustrating to my kids when they were growing up.  They would say to me, " Can't we do something together that isn't working, something fun?" That always sort of threw me for a loop because to me, work is fun. I guess that isn't true for them.

      At the shop there are always items that need back stocking, bags of cocoas that need filling, shelves that need dusting, labels to run off, floors to mop, gift sets to make, BDJs to top off; always lots to do.  It makes for busy days and tired feet at the end of the day but the snapshot of the shop needs to be just so, every day, all the time. That is important to us and to the company we represent.
      Due to the short icy period on Sunday night/Monday morning I got lots of quality play time with the Korenak boys and their mom.  All went well. We played pirates, space explorers, camping, penguins, attack by snakes, sword fighting, etc…you get the drift. All sorts of boy things. We also did some crafting of dogs for the dog birthday party this week-end.  How DO you make a decent Collie out of construction paper? Mine was not very good but ….oh well.  Lassie is on the wall at least.  
      I did not fall down on the ice and break my tail bone. A victory I proudly claim.  I came close as I walked up the Richard's iced driveway for a play morning and brunch with Mags, Everett and their mom.  I called for immediate salting and Abb complied. Maggie and I did some puzzles together and she had a show and tell for me in her 'under the bunk' playhouse.  Very neat and organized.  It's nice to know where you've stashed all your treasures so you can find them.  We set about getting all the dolls into some kind of clothes since the weather was more than chilly.  
        Helping children learn to think about how their toys are feeling, their dolls are feeling, is a great way to teach empathy for other people.  Empathy has to be modeled and taught and practiced, just like reading and writing.  I remember a mother, whose children I had in class at the time, asking me with great surprise in her voice, "You mean empathy can be taught?" Yes, it can and it must be.  Her saying that explained why I was having such a difficult time with her sons in that very regard.  Click. There's the missing piece.
       I headed north and made it in time for grocery shopping and the book study last night.  Apparently I was so out of it with the respiratory gunk last week that I completely forgot about the class. Sheesh!  We had a great conversation last night, even though I hadn't read the chapters in the new book.  Love that group of women and the honest, open talks we have about many issues. The winter coughing is making the rounds as usual.  Hopefully I have done my time.  I sincerely hope you are all holding your own, seeing the doc and listening to your body.  Take comfort in the fact that Spring is on the way. Bulbs are poking their little green heads up out of the snow and leaf mulch, looking around, judging their time. Waiting.

        As I was driving toward the farm yesterday afternoon a beautiful weather event happened right in front/around/on top of me.  A small cold weather front and I were headed right for each other; I could see the dark mass of cloud, albeit a small one, trailing its nets of rain, scuttling in my direction as I drove west on Flynn. I turned into my driveway at the precise moment the wind gust arrived, blowing leaves up and all around the car, almost pushing me into the garage.  The temperature dropped ten degrees as I stood inside the door with the cats and watched spats of rain hurtling past the opening.  Brrrr….. So fun! I love being on the edge of and in the midst of changes in weather. It is exhilarating to say the very least.
       On the issue of the front of the house remake: I have tossed the ideas for the new front steps and walk around so long now that I have finally settled on what it is a really want to do.  It does involve a little bit of stone work so I will stop by and talk to the guys at the stone place north of Crescent next time I am by there.  Man it takes me a long to sift through things to the final decision, but I am usually happy with what I decide that way.  I need to do some digging and gravel fill on the south side to divert rain water toward the gardens and away from the patio, where it does absolutely no good at all.  That won't be a big deal but will involve the purchase of some gravel, which I need to do for the porch plantings anyway. See how things are coming together? 
    That's all for now. TTFN

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