Monday, April 27, 2015

Rain and More Rain

    We have been blessed with sweet Spring rain nearly every day for the past two weeks. Some days it has fallen all day long, slow and easy. Some days the clouds have crept up from the western horizon as the sun was disappearing behind the fields of green wheat. Some days have been delightfully clear and sunny with thunder and lightning arriving in the night, lulling me into a deeper slumber beneath the quilts.
     My gardens are festive with color and the scent of Iris and Lilacs.  The bees are working busily alongside a few small butterflies, mostly whites and yellows. There have been no signs of grasshoppers or hummingbirds yet and, oddly, I haven't seen the bridge swallows either. I wonder if they have decided to seek shelter somewhere else due to so many of their mud nests having been shaken off by the vibrations of the oil trucks zooming back and forth all summer last. Losing the swallows would make me incredibly sad. On my drive to the city I saw a cloud of swallows erupting from beneath another large bridge on the way. Drat, that will mean many more mosquitos at Blakleyhouse.

      I found this picture while looking for something else yesterday.
I love it. This is what I love most, sitting quietly with a child in my arms.

     I am here for you, little one,
     here to be a safe place,
     a loving heart, with time
     for whatever you need.

     Rest your weary head,
     my darling golden child.
     Lean into the warmth of
     my beating heart.

     You are why I remain alive.




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