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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten On Tuesday 4/14/15

1.  Yesterday, while I was working at the shop, it fell to me to jar the Worcestershire Powder. Not a problem. I noticed it was very fluffy so decided to jar it in the back room. Not only is it very fluffy, it is also sticky and got all over me, the table, the floor, and drifted up in the air. Did I put on the mask at once? No, not I, said the little red hen.  *sigh* From that moment until this I have been under a wild allergy attack.
     When I got home I immediately took a bath, washed my hair, put on all new clothes and took the spicy ones to the laundry.  Alas, the damage was done and continues into this morning despite allergy meds, peppermint oil under the nose, the humidifier and all manner of moaning, which my dear departed mother used to say helped.
    At least I learned my lesson. Mask Up!

2.  We are in a lovely rainy spell now, sans tornados, thank goodness. Well, Moore was hit by the first storm of the season, as usual but the rest of us are fine, so far. Some friends of ours came through town yesterday for a visit and said they were up and very worried all night because of the thunder and lightning going on outside.  They were positive they were going to blown away. These friends live in Encinitas, CA and their weather is beautiful but uneventful all year round. Poor dears.

3.  I'm back to selling some more of the frosty fudge Tamac again.  If you are a tarmac person and interested, here is what I currently have on hand. Leave me a comment if you want some of it and I'll email you the prices. Thanks. I also have lots of things in Avocado, a few in Frosty Pine and a few in the oney colored.

4.  I finished the book "The Girl On The Train" about which there has been much chatter on the social media and such.  It is a mystery, murder of course, and by the middle of the book I was much too scared to read in the evening and pretty sure any one of the five main characters could have and probably did kill the victim. It's a real page turner if that's what you had in mind.

5.  My Wisteria froze out again this year but it did manage to bloom for one day before getting blasted.  That's so odd because it has been blooming for several years and hasn't ever had a problem with freezing until last year.  I live in a little valley so I always get the last frost down here while the little hills on either side will miss it.  We planted our apricots on the hill where the cemetery is located for that reason. Apricots are so touchy anyway. So far we have managed to get one good harvest off that tree.
     Everything else is blooming to beat the band. Lilacs are everywhere and all those tulips my sister and I tucked into the cool soil in late November/December are blooming like crazy. After I crisscrossed the rose clippings over them the deer have decided to let them alone. My Redbuds are gorgeous and the Cherry is in bloom now.

6.  Abbey is on the lookout for a new/bigger house so everyone has been spending any spare time over there getting her house ready to sell.  It is amazing how much stuff we accrue over the years if we stay put.  There is an abundance of simplifying and organizing going on.  Yesterday, during supper play time, Zane managed to catch a big toad out in the backyard at her house, brought to wakefulness by these nice slow Spring rains with which we have been blessed. (Did I tell you my "sweet" cats managed to eat the one adult frog that had overwintered in my fountain pond? Ate him all but his head, which they left lying on the porch beside the back door as a special gift for yours truly. The cats do not understand me, nor I them.)

7. My wall of pictures is full of pics from the wedding, my kids and theirs and all the cousins, aunts and uncles who came as witnesses.  I hung a picture of my mom and dad up there in the midst of them yesterday. This is all their doing, after all.
     When we are children we think of our parents as so grown up, wise and mature, but looking at this picture, now, I realize they weren't even 30 yet and 30 is very young from my present perspective.
      My mom would say, "Yes, but things were different then. We had been through a war and everybody grew up all at once." I haven't been in a war, personally, but our country has been involved in wars ever since I was born. It seems like one long continuous war going on in different parts of the world for as long as I can remember. Wars and assassinations and bombings, random or planned.  Hmmmm…you would think we would think of a better way to live together in the world, wouldn't you?
I don't know though, we don't seem to be making much progress in that direction.
    And what about that pilot who decided to kill himself and flew the plane, along with all its passengers, into the face of a mountain? If you feel you have to off yourself you should at least have the good graces to not drag other people along with you.
They might have something to live for? You never know. But people who decide to take their own lives are often, not always, not in their right minds.  Sometimes, like the young woman in Seattle (?), you are approaching the horrendous, pain filled end to a fight against some dark disease and you know you have lost the fight.  To skip to the end in that case makes perfect sense to me. (That's my 2 cents on that.)

 8. A quote for you on this rainy Spring morning to pull this back from dark thoughts.

  9.  I did make a little progress on pulling the earth back from the foundation of the front porch before the rains began.  I am about a third of the way along. If I do it a bit at a time I can manage.

10.  My grands have been helping me plant lots of goodies in my raised beds. Most everything is up now but I am still waiting on the tomatoes that seed themselves back. (Thanks Ann.)They know. Maybe this week they will feel it is safe to pop their green heads up and take a look around.  Soon I will push a few squash seeds into the soil and some sweet potatoes.  Maybe. Sweet potatoes take up a lot of room and sometimes they rot in the ground if the timing isn't right on digging them in the Fall.  We'll see.

     Right not I'm going to get ready to head to town to get an MRI on my shoulder. It has been wacky for more than a year now and exercising and therapy haven't seemed to make things better.  The nerve is still hurt from last summer's injury and I have accepted that may be a long term thing. But I want to know if some of this can be fixed. If not…then at least I'll know for sure.

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