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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Interviews with Kids

Things my mother taught me. These are the answers given me by Abbey's children's about what their mother taught them.

Maggie: (age 5 1/2)

How to sew and start learning how to knit.
How to bake my own things without a recipe.
How to cook pizza, muffins, doughnuts, cookies.
How to use the TV remote.
How to do yoga with her.
She helps me learn my French.
She helps me with my coloring and scrap booking.
She taught me how to garden.
She taught me how to dance.

Everett: (age almost 3)

Go poops in the potty.
Play games with Bubba.
Put on my clothes.
Play nice without hitting.

Brendan: (age 8)

Rainbow looms.
Sewing, in the summer.
How to cook macaroni, pancakes and how to break eggs.
How to spike my hair.
How to ride a bike.
She helps me with my magic tricks.
How to do the laundry.
How to tie my shoes.

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