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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day did not disappoint, which was surprisingly wonderful (?). Who knew?
Able and Kari came out and did some serious tree/shrub trimming and hauling (blessings on your heads) on Friday. The cool, cloudy day made for pleasant work, most of mine amounted to some labor intensive pointing at what needed to be cut and hauled. Ha! I came close to getting a cramp in my index finger.  Things look much neater around the 'inner sanctum' now.
      Audie, Zach and the boys rolled into the driveway on Saturday morning. The crew was primed to bursting for animal hunts (read: snakes) and nature rambles. They even brought guide books and pamphlets for reference. Fortunately I had two snakes, a rat snake and a smooth green snake, on hand for up close and personal observation. They were both one day dead. Perfect for touching but not yet to the stinking to high heaven and covered with flies state.

      Skeleton Creek was up some and running shale red, all kinds of sticks and branches floating by. The boys played Pooh Sticks and nearly gave Audra multiple heart attacks by leaning over the rail or looking like they might slide through the openings.  Everyone survived.
       Sunday morning the Korenaks and I traveled to the west pasture for an honest to god snake hunt in the snake pit, I mean shale pit. The county dug shale out of this site for the roads years ago and left huge chunks of shale piled around the edges. Danny always talked about watching them blast through the rocks with dynamite. Very cool stuff to a boy…or anyone, I suppose, and perfect hiding places for lizards and snakes of all stripes.  It was far too cool for lizards Sunday but we caught a couple of frogs, saw a scorpion hiding under a rock and found several empty snake skins.
      Then we happened onto this guy, hiding under a flat rock, watching us watch him. Jackpot!

      Zane will probably remember that snake forever and extrapolate the tale into many, many snake hunts and our finding one or more every time. Super!
      We had barely gotten back to the house when the whole Richards family drove in and piled out of their van. They viewed our two little frogs and heard the retelling of the snake story. I'm not positive but I don't think they were too sad not to have been there for the snake. I could be wrong. We will have to have another hunt during Farm Camp.
      The rest of the day was filled with wild group runs through the tall grass in Maggie's Wood, two or three pirate treasure hunts, lunch and supper outside on the newly refurbished picnic table and several group sessions of swinging on the blue swings.
Brendan successfully rode my big bicycle up and down the driveway with only a couple of small crashes. He has gotten very, very good at riding this year. His bike is much smaller than mine, and doesn't have hand brakes, but he did fine on the big bike. Time to move up.

     Monday morning found me up and in the car early, on my way back to the City to work at the shop. I will sort of sidearm this in right here: I had run out of my Aleve on Friday night and hadn't been anywhere to purchase any during the week-end. Therefore, by Monday morning I was two days behind on pain and hurting almost everywhere. Ouch.
That brings to mind the old Cub Scout song, "Be, Be, Be Prepared, the motto of the Cub Scouts.
                                                                         Be, Be, Be Prepared, the motto of the Scouts…."
Alas and alack.

Hey, did you know that this week is Palindrome Week? T'is true.

I madam, I made radio, so I dared. Am I mad, am I?
Sit on a potato pan, Otis!
Murder, for a jar of red rum.
A man, a plan, a canal…Panama!

What are your favorites?

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