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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Museum Gets Rave Reviews

A museum that kids beg to go see, you say. A museum of osteology? Bones?
You have to be kidding me.
Nope. The museum of osteology has become a favorite with all the grandkids. It is Plan B for any fun trip that falls through and it never disappoints.
The thrills begin in the lobby where you can view the flesh eating beetles at work. Oh yeah! This is how all the scraps of meat, skin and rot get cleaned off skeletons. The FEBs do a fabulous job and give you a good case of creeps as a bonus.

Then you step into the bottom floor exhibit where you can walk around, among, and through the skeletons of dinosaurs, a hippo and a giraffe. Up close, personal and, yes, please touch the exhibits. What could possibly be better? There are also clever scavenger hunts, complete with tiny pencils, for three different age groups. Example: Find the primate skeleton that is holding a hammer. Ha!
     We jumped to plan B on Tuesday when we pulled into the Zoo parking lot and noticed the 30 school buses already parked there. When you have to park at Remington Park and hoof it to the Zoo you may as well keep driving and head south to the museum of osteology where you can see the skeleton of a king cobra and bats and a tiny red-bellied woodpecker. It is the perfect size for children to enjoy. Google it and load up crew. You might want to pack a lunch because there is a covered picnic area in the parking lot. The crew at TMoOs think of everything.
    A word to the wise: do not despair if, as you are driving, you begin to think you probably missed a turn-off somewhere. The museum is located in an industrial looking area but there are also very cute pygmy goats grazing alongside the road. On our journey we also got to see real live tornado damage from last week. That is something that is difficult to top.

P.S. I forgot to post this pic the first time around. Three kids staring a Diamondback Rattler in the face, in a safe way (snake is both dead AND safely behind glass). The kids were fascinated and terrified at the same time.

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