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Monday, July 20, 2015

An Update on The Pirates

    There is an imaginary pirate ship rocking at anchor in my bedroom.  When there are no grandchildren about, most of the crew stays at a local inn. From time to time there might be one or two onboard the ship but it usually sits empty.  After all, when the captain is gone there is little to be done.
Here is the crew, or most of it.

From left to right, beginning at the back: Mary and Jesus, Jangle, Abbey (our cook), Jingleboy, The Queen of France.
Row 2: Mary (the other Mary) God, Belle and Beardie. (God and his Mary have bells and Jesus and his Mary do not. In case you were wondering. All the crew were named by the Captain.)
Barney and Benny, the boy with the fireflies, Moolly and the little Snowman were on shore leave when we snapped this picture.
Brendan, Maggie, Everett, Rowan and Myself (and any Adult or child who is willing to play along) are part of the crew as well and Zane is Captain Jack.  Moolly, the boy with the fireflies and the Little Snowman are the lookouts.
     This weekend the entire crew was called back onboard and we sailed around the islands a bit. We met and fought some bad guys, skirmishes only. Everyone agrees it is too hot for full blown pirate battles. The Captain was lightly wounded and had to be sewn up by TQOF, our resident doc. He's fine now.
    In "new business", we discovered a brown bear stowaway under the ship. We have named him Ring-neck and welcomed him as part of the crew.  He doesn't have much to say thus far. I thin he is traumatized from being down in the hold so long. The biggest news is: Beardie and Belle are sweet on each other, but it isn't smooth sailing apparently. They were discovered kissing each other last Saturday, but the next morning Beardie had thrown himself into the ocean and had to be rescued by the Captain.  That same evening we found Belle head downward in a vat of soup. They are both okay now but are not talking about any of it with anyone.  Who knows.
      Jingle and Jangle are not a permanent part of the crew, by the way. They only come aboard now and then for vacation days. They are currently waiting for their next big trip abroad. Maybe cousin Kristan would take them for a tour of Paris once she gets settled in. Jingleboy has already been to Paris, twice. I have not been even one time. A fact that needs to be remedied ASAP.


      Thunder and lightning off to the west this evening. I hope we actually get some rain out it. We are extremely dry again. That seems unbelievable  since we had rain the entire month of May, but it is true. The soil in the gardens is rock hard.
      I had lots of company over the weekend and loved every minute of it.  Oh, this guy is having some problems with extreme headaches lately. He could use your prayers and some holding in your heart. Thanks.  Heading back to the doc tomorrow for more tests.

                                       B at the OKC Zoo this May

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