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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Rain! Whoopee!

We have been granted a reprieve from the heat these past several days, giving me the opportunity to do a little work in the gardens. It was past time. What I really need is someone with a good right arm to come along and cut these saplings out of ….well, everywhere.  We have a new climbing rope wall for the treehouse, so that project is coming along. No, stop asking please, no zip line. These kiddos are too small for that. The Grands are back in school and I am expecting visitors from the East this evening or tomorrow.  We should have a fun week-end, although I plan on slipping away for some singing with friends one evening.
     This noon I invited myself to lunch with some very nice retired teachers from Hennessey. (I was eating alone and one of them, Verna, was a friend of a friend so I joined the group.) We had great fun remembering things about the years when we all taught school. None of us wished we were back there beginning a new year for the umpteenth time, but we all agreed we would if we needed to. I, for one, am ready for other things.
    The landscapers have not returned to work their magic on the front of the house (tap, tap, tap goes the foot). Bigger jobs calling, no doubt. I will give them a shout out and pin down a date. They are a slippery bunch. I admit, it is a little wet to be working in the dirt today, since we had a two inch rain night before last. Two inches, can you believe it? All the gardens are full of rejoicing and new growth. At last count we had 23 birdhouse gourds growing on our vines. I am so excited to know we will have plenty to decorate through the year. They make cute ghosts for Halloween and chubby little Santas for Christmas; good art projects for little hands.
   Speaking of birds, the Red Tailed Hawks have been back in the area and filling the cool air with their plaintive cry. That sound, and the high chip, chip of the Hummingbirds called me out onto the porch earlier this morning.  The Hummingbirds were scolding me for letting their feeders go bone dry. I am so sorry, my sweet little friends. Sometimes they will fly right up to my face in order to remind me of my duties to them.  There are thousands of 4 o'clocks out in the gardens so I know they aren't starving, just a little spoiled. We are at the end of the season of Cicadas. Oh, there are some still rattling away now and then but the trees aren't full of the sound anymore. Most of them have laid their eggs in the earth and waved a fond farewell by this time.  That is my sign that it is time to transplant Iris, if I want to do that this year. I do.
     This a wonderful time of year for star-gazing and I have been studying my constellation books again. Making sure I know where they can be found at this time of the year. It always pays to review before finding yourself outside in the dark trying to sort all of them  into respective groups.  We are always moving so they are not in the same space for long. Its loads of fun. I would love to have your company, if you think you would enjoy it sometime. Let me know.
      No big news from here. I think I'll take advantage of the unbelievably beautiful weather and have a read on the porch swing. Life is good.

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