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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: 8/11/15

1. Happy Birthday to cousins and birthday buddies, Jessie and Kat. Our August group of birthdays includes: Michelle, Maggie, Alice, Danny, Jessie, Kat, Allison, and Joel. Who did I forget?

2.  I've been having fun with my Grands in The City this week. Also worked a few hours of three different days at the spice shop.  It went well this time.  Four hours seems to be the limit for my shoulder so far.  I haven't seen any of my OKC non-family friends in too long.

3.  Come on, heat dome, move on out of here. We're all sick to death of the oven effect.

4.  I had to take a step back from working puzzles.  The last one I worked was completed in one sitting. When I finally stood up I could hardly walk. Really Deb? Just walk away and don't look back.

5.  Missed American Ninja Warrior this evening, sadly. My daughter doesn't have television; excuse me? Hope it wasn't Vegas.

6.  I seem to have successfully fallen off the therapy wagon already. I only managed to get it done once a day this week and two days flew past without anything except working with it, no stretches. Ridiculous. Get used to disappointment.

7.  Summer = Sweet corn + watermelon+ fresh tomatoes + yellow squash+ swimming at the lake+ picking sand plums+ locust and lightning bugs+ scorpion and the teapot in the southern sky, and lots of reading time. Oh Yeah!

8.  I love it that Brendan and I sit and discuss the books we're reading now. So cool! He taught me how to play Mine Craft yesterday. I can add that to my resume now. Boom.

9.  I need some art work, a bookcase, and a little clutter in my room at Abbey's to make it my own. It'll happen, just give it time.

10.  I have set the Pandora station on my phone to Sousa Marches. It syncs to my car and I hear marches all the way back and forth to the farm. Wow.  I love to switch my listening from the melody to the countermelodies and then to the percussion and back again. What fun! It's a good thing I have cruise control or I would probably get tickets right and left. Heard a version of Stars and Stripes today that was unimaginably fast; fastest I had ever heard it played. Did the piccolos or the trombones have any trouble? No sir, they did not. The U.S. Marine Band played it like it was simple as pie.

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