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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: 8/26/15

1. Our Widows group met yesternight. Unfortunately we have a new member; her husband died suddenly about a month ago. I loved it that the women who are only two years into their grieving did most of the comforting. Exactly what I hoped would happen. We are up to nine members now.
I have made some sorry decisions during the past five years but starting that group was not one of them. Whew.

2.  The guy who was hired to do the landscaping in front of my house received a call from me today: "Have you forgotten me?" Yes, he had. Ugh! "Which day next week can I expect you to be here: Tuesday or Wednesday?" (Tips from my lawyer daughter: give them a choice of days. Pin them down.)

3.  My sister, Ann, and two of her grands were here for four + days last week-end…well, here and at Dad's. They made Sandplum jelly and Apricot jam; something that had needed doing for years. We keep the plums frozen until the time is right.  Sandplums were huge and plentiful this year, due to a rainy May.  The jelly is jewel red and lip-smackin' delicious. It will be fantastic on English muffins on cold winter mornings. During our miles and miles of driving last week-end we listened to Sousa Marches, with the volume cranked up and everyone singing along. Hooray for ringing trumpets, high flying piccolos and snare drums on the cadence!

4.  Ann, two of her grandkids, Audra and her boys, Everett and I visited the Science Museum of Oklahoma on Monday. There is no better place for play/learning in OKC, in my opinion. When I'm in charge of the littlest boys, I usually manage to lose them at least three or four times in there because I am so interested in the exhibits myself. This time I only lost E once (sorry Abbey) but I managed to lose my sister, who is older than I am, twice. (In her defense: that was the day the stock market went haywire and she was busily checking her phone all afternoon.) Still…..

5.  The cool temperatures continue to hold during morning hours but we are back into the 90s by afternoon. My friend from AZ says it has been a pleasant 105 degrees out there these past few days. A little perspective always helps.

6. I received a gold star at the dentist's office today. ; )  My dentist was a student of mine years ago. I love to see him twice a year, even if he is doing his dentist thing. He's very good.

7.  Today was also the day I went to Dillard's to buy new shirts for school. No, I'm not teaching, but it is a tradition. New beginnings are one of the joys of life. (It also may or may not have been retail therapy.)

8.  I have a carpet surprise in the works. I'll let you know, if all goes as planned.

9.  This evening I sat outside and serenaded nature with some guitar songs.  During one song, whose main idea is : Everything is Holy now, a brown hummingbird flew in front of me, then perched on a twig, listening, until the end of the song. Oh my, such a precious "green minute". I hope he liked my singing as much as I liked his listening presence.

10. I had hoped the grandkids would enjoy tricycling down my new ramp from the house to the driveway. I am happy to report they certainly do. They are fearless on their trikes and manage to navigate the curves with great skill. Yes! I hope no one breaks an arm…or worse. So far we've had only a couple of crashes and no blood. No blood on the driveway is a good thing.

11.  Swimming at the lake continues to be deliciously therapeutic for body and soul. (Hmmm…retail therapy, swimming therapy, Sousa March therapy. Maybe I should seek professional help….Or maybe music, water and new clothes have given me all the help I need. (It would help if the front yard could stop looking so much like a mud slide and a little more like a garden.)


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