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Thursday, September 3, 2015

An Urban Garden

    My friend, Pat, is busily spreading the word in OKC about the practicality and necessity of bringing back urban food gardening.  She lives in what is lovingly called Central Park, east of 30th and Western, which is where the Commonwealth Community Gardens are found. These organic gardens provide food for people in the Paseo community as well as many local restaurants. Here is a link to some information about the gardens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCGUhXZeMkg if you would like to know more. Feel free to stop by, there is usually someone around to give you a short or long tour. Until recently, most people had gardens in their yards and harvested fresh produce for much of the year.  I remember my grandma had a big, big garden just east of her house. All of us spent lots of time out there picking and nibbling or helping her put up food for the winter.
      Listening to Pat discuss the goings on in her neighborhood: composting,  organic gardening, the Food Forest, came to mind when I waltzed into Able and Kari's back yard the other day. These guys took some used 2 X 12s, created raised beds, filled them with beautiful soil from Organics OKC, and planted veggies early in the summer. The shot below was taken looking through one of the beds: Okra, Basil, Tomatoes and Eggplant, green beans, all ripe for the picking.

   And this shot is of a beautiful Okra blossom and a buzzy friend.

    They have also planted some mosquito repelling plants around their patio, there are cucumber vines climbing up the fence, mint for tea and much more.  They have an active compost pile at the back of their property and a long clothesline, also known as a "Solar Dryer".  I am so proud of them for doing the work required to become urban gardeners.  Grandpa would be proud.
     Yes, their grass yard is lovely too, well kept and perfect for bare feet to run through when the nieces and nephews come over. But there is plenty of room for food gardens there as well. Maybe they will add more next year. Who knows?  I have heard a rumor they really want to have a couple of hens. Hopefully the bans on poultry in city limits will be lifted soon and they can have fresh eggs and more goodie for the compost pile. I know, roosters are noisy, but hens are a comfort.

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Kari Koster said...

Oh my gosh, we're famous now! Great post and thank you! I can report that I harvested the red tomato (pictured) and it was delish! Love the blue sky background, too :)