"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Bluebird Day


      Today was exactly as I said it would be, practically perfect in every way.  This morning was cool enough for a flannel shirt and bright with dew. I puttered around the garden, checking on plants, nipping out little trees from among the lilies. The Chives were taking the path and had to be dug up and tossed on the heap. My beautiful gold fish are in a frenzy these days, loving the cool, clear water.  I admit to having let it begin to muddy before adding the magic potion this time.  I miss watching the fish during the winter months. They are still there but motionless and near the bottom, out of sight. 
      I managed to add some compost to the beds in the prayer garden, thanking all the plants for another season of delightfully intermingled blooms.  I love having such a wide diversity of plants blooming in their own time, sharing space, helping to shield and protect. I realize that type of planting might drive the super organized types to drink, but I don't care. It's not their garden. A garden reflects the spirit of the gardener. My mother would love that new garden with its little fountain singing amid all the color.
Her mother would love it too. I can see, as clearly as if it were yesterday, my grandmother reaching out a hand to cradle a rose blossom. The images that stay with us are telling.
      I had a cup of soup and a nice chat with an old friend while I was in town. I had gone in to pick up medicine and get some more fish flakes.  Alas, I managed to come home without the fish food, again, but I did find some other things which were not on the list, of course. The oldest story in the world. 
    The cats insisted on some quality time, once I returned home.  I do neglect them, regularly. I'm not proud of it but there it is. They are well enough behaved, reaching out with a soft paw to tap my arm when they need some strokes.  (They send their greetings, Christal.) They were perfectly content to sit on my lap while I did a little reading on the patio.
     The moon is just past full and slowing appearing from behind the dark trees. This is perfect weather for trick or treating. How lovely.  Oooh, it is time to shut the windows against the cold, slip under the quilts and call it a day. 

Here is a pic for you of my darling grands, all garbed up for Halloween. I notice that Maggie and Rowan are holding Zane's hands, the Ninja is in attack mode and that sweetest of all dragons is looking for his mother.
Adorable. I'm am so glad these cousins get to grow up together.  Making memories that they will carry in their hearts forever.

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