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Monday, November 30, 2015

Blessing # 7 My Children

     When Danny and I got married, I thought I was so old.  I had my degree and had been teaching for a couple of years and I thought I had missed the marrying cycle. All my friends were married already (I had sung at all their weddings).  I had dated a lot of jerks. The last one was such an arrogant something-or-other I swore off men altogether when we broke up.  That was it. Done. I had no use for men and was glad to be finished with that stupid game. (I remember saying that to myself).  I was 25.
     I know! That sounds like such a baby to me now, but at that time it felt old.  I was done with foolishness and jerks. I had traveled to several foreign countries and loved it.  I was confident in my talents. I had a job and liked it. I was done with jerks. (Have I said that?)
     Then I met Danny, the kindest heart and the gentlest man I ever knew. I fell in love with his tender heart, and you know what? He wasn't a jerk. Who knew? We soon got married and nine months later our first child was born. (I know. I know. What can I say?)
       Fast forward a few years, a few miscarriages, a few births, a few surgeries later.  Our family was complete, even if it wasn't as large as we would have wished.  We were happy with our three little ones.  I quit teaching to stay home with my kids. Those years when I stayed home, to raise my children, were my favorite years.  We had lots of adventures, lots of learning opportunities and freedom by the mile.  We did not have much money and there was hard work to be done, all the time, but we were happy working together. They missed out on things because we lived so far from town and had so little money. I regret that a little. Oh well.
     Once our kids were all in school,  I started teaching again, at a different school.  Since Danny and I both taught school, we had lots in common and were good sounding boards for each other.  We kept each other going when we became discouraged. We had stories of successes to share.  We were doing good things for the world, one child at a time. That was why we had gone into teaching in the first place. We were a good team.
      After Danny died, and I had retired from teaching, my children were supremely supportive of me. Even though they had just lost their father, they worked very hard to help me and keep me on an even keel.  Their kids became my happy thoughts and got me through the saddest times.
      Now all three of my children live fairly near me with their young families.  They include me in most things they do and are happy to have me stop over for the night, or just to spend some time with them and their little ones.  They come out to the farm for work and play days (which I love). They are always there for me if and when I need some specific help.  These three are my biggest blessing.  I can not imagine my life without them and all the good times we have shared.

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Kathryn said...

They missed out on things because we lived so far from town and had so little money. I regret that a little. Oh well.

Deb, look at where your kids are now - I'd say you and Danny gave them everything they really needed!