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Friday, November 6, 2015

One More For Halloween

It occurs to me that I have forgotten to share one of the best of our many Halloween happenings.  Every year we have a Halloween costume party at Audra and Zach's house to celebrate the October birthdays: Kari, Able, Dad and your's truly.
     All the food is Halloween themed: mummy hot dogs, cheeseball shaped like skeleton bones, zombie brains (mac and cheese), red punch with fake eyeballs in it, and lots of other goodies. Really cool stuff.
      I can't really get behind adults wearing costumes (particularly me) but now all the parents wear them while taking their kids around to houses for Trick or Treat.  I always stay at the house and give out treats while everyone else goes walk about.  This year, while I was waiting for the next covey of Trick-or-Treaters to arrive, I looked outside and saw Batman standing alone in the street.  This was a grown man in the authentic Batman getup, standing alone in the moonlight. I have to admit it was amazingly cool.
        I wore the same jack-o-lantern t-shirt every year I taught school except the first year at Chisholm; the year I taught seventh grade science. That year I was a mad scientist complete with lab coat and a wild wig.   Some years I wear a green bandana with the shirt and some years a random mask. This was the year of the cat mask. Also new this year, the Boulder Dotters, stopped by to join in the fun. Here is the classic group shot.

Back row: The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, the Sexy Pirate and her baby boy pirate, Count Dracula, the cowboy and cowgirl
Front row: Dracula as a child (with the outlaw's gun), the grandma Jack-o-Lantern, behind me is a darling little baby dragon, a lovely witch, the outlaw, and a ninja warrior who so blends in that you can easily miss him.

     Here are the Dotters and me (because I am a Dotter too): Jim, who came wearing an eyepatch and was gifted the hat by Zane, Michelle as a superhero in disguise as a mild-mannered reporter, Nick as the outlaw with a sheriff's badge?, Laurie as Fiona from Shrek and me (see, I've already lost the mask by the time this picture happened). Some people love to wear masks, but I find they make me a little bit claustophobic after awhile.

           Look at this old married couple rocking the matching cowboy clothes.

I don't have the family shots for either Abbey's family or Audra's for some reason, but here are the two pirates together. Very cute stuff.

     We also always carve pumpkins at the end of the party.  This year was the first year Brendan carved his own pumpkin from start to finish. Eight years old: the magic age.

      As you know, Jingleboy and Jangle have so many costumes they have trouble wearing all of them.  However, they managed to make it to this party without any, so we made J.B. a vampire costume and Jangle a Spiderman costume out of paper. The seemed perfectly happy. Here they are with their vampire buddy, Count Zane of the scarey teeth.

If you're thinking we overdid Halloween just a tad, you're absolutely correct.  We are all sugared out and badly in need of some plain old everyday living. Bring on the turkeys.

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